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Alcohol Education and Safer Use

If you choose to drink, drink responsibly. You can reduce your risk of an alcohol-related problem and still have fun with just a little education.


Campus Well covers a variety of health issues facing college students.

Center for Counseling and Psychological Services

Our interdisciplinary team offers comprehensive therapeutic services, consultation, and outreach programs to address the mental health needs of students.

E-Cigarettes and Vaping

E-Cigarettes and vaping have serious risks. Learn what you need to know.

Group Therapy Services

Therapy groups provide a platform to consider and try out new ways of dealing with relationships and situations in a safe and supportive setting.

Health and Wellness Digital Library

Habif staff have created fliers on popular topics to help you stay well and do well at WashU.

Health Promotion Services

Health Promotion Services works to help you build healthy decision making skills, reduce risk, and take care of yourself and your friends.

Let’s Talk

"Let's Talk" is a program that provides students with easy access to consultations with counselors from Counseling and Psychological Services.