Medical Health Care Services

Habif Health and Wellness Center Medical Services provides care for the evaluation and treatment of an illness or injury, preventative and reproductive health care and health education.

All full-time Washington University in St. Louis students should seek treatment at Habif Health and Wellness Center first. Any condition requiring specialized medical services will be referred to an appropriate community specialist. The WashU student health insurance plan requires a referral any time care is not provided at Habif Center.

Visiting Habif Health and Wellness Center

We will evaluate and manage all COVID-19-related illness, urgent and routine medical concerns, reproductive health care and required immunizations.

Please note that anyone entering Habif Health and Wellness with respiratory symptoms must be wearing a mask. Masks are available in the lobby.

Habif Health and Wellness Center uses the Student Portal, an integrated method for students to schedule, cancel or reschedule an appointment. Next-day medical appointments open up all night long after 6 p.m. If you don’t see a next-day appointment available at first glance, check back during the evening when more appointments open up each hour.

Online appointments via Student Portal are recommended for the most efficient service. ​You may also make an appointment by calling 314-935-6666 and following the prompts. If you need to leave a message, please include your full legal name, Student ID number, and a phone number that accepts unrecognized callers and has a functional voicemail box.

If you are in need of more immediate medical attention, please call Habif Health and Wellness Center for a nursing evaluation by calling 314-935-6666 and choose Option 1.

Make sure you understand the appointment process and that you come prepared for your appointment.​​ Please see our Excuse note policy.

WashU COVID-19 Response

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How much does a visit to SHS cost?
Read the Habif Center fee schedule to learn about the charges for your visit.

How can I take care of myself?
Health Promotion Services has extensive information on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.