Fees for Habif Health and Wellness Center

Habif Health and Wellness Center is committed to providing the highest quality of care at a reasonable cost to students. Charges will be based on the co-pay and co-insurance your insurance policy indicates.

Habif Health and Wellness Center will collect any money due by the student in the form of a co-pay as indicated on their health insurance card at the time of service. Within 2-3 business days Habif will bill all appropriate charges to a student’s health insurance carrier. The student will be billed for any patient responsibility once payment is received from the carrier. This bill will go to the address the student indicates as their “LOCAL” address in Webstac. Failure to pay a balance due within 30 days of that statement will result in outstanding charges being placed on the student’s accounting statement and the student will owe the money via their university student bill.

The missed appointment fee of $20 is the responsibility of the student payable by the student; it is not sent to the insurance company.

Students may wish to pay for their services and not have their health insurance company billed. This is the student’s choice and must be discussed the day of service. Students wishing to pay for their services may do so via cash, credit card, check or charging to their student account.

Consultations with the triage nurse and health education visits are provided at no cost.

Habif staff is not able to determine what your insurance company will reimburse. Healthcare decisions are important decisions and should not be made solely on financial costs; therefore, these decisions should be discussed with your provider.

Pre-Certification Requirements

Pre-certification for office visits and any diagnostic tests or hospitalization are the responsibility of the student. Habif will help you with the pre-certification process once a determination has been made by the student that it is required.

Referral Requirements

Habif Health and Wellness Center provides a referral for each student when this office refers to an outside medical provider or service. Referrals are not necessary for mental health care off campus. The student is responsible for retaining the referral slip and providing it to any physician office or service for insurance billing purposes. This is separate from the pre-certification process.

Students on the student health insurance plan require a referral for all medical services within a 50 mile radius of St. Louis unless it is an emergency.

If you have questions please call the phone number on the back of your insurance card.

Fee Schedule

Allergy Injection

This is not billable to the student’s insurance company.

A fee for allergy injections is charged at the time of the appointment. The fee schedule is updated yearly. This will be discussed at the time of your screening with our nurse.

Counseling Visits

Visits 1-9 have no costs to the student (psychiatry appointments excluded). Visits 10-15 will have a copay as determined by the student’s insurance company, may require pre-certification, and will be billed to the student’s insurance company.

Gynecology Procedures

IUD insertion and removals may require pre-certification. Services will be provided and billed to the student’s insurance company.


Radiology Services are available at Habif and the cost per X-ray varies. Charges will be billed to the respective insurance plan.


Habif provides the following immunizations. Charges are billed to the student’s insurance plan.

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Menactra
  • Measles Mumps Rubella
  • Flu Vaccine
  • Human Papilloma Virus
  • Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis
  • Meningitis B

No Cost Resources

    • Mental Health Services provides nine free one-hour counseling sessions per academic year
    • Stress management consultations
    • Emotional support and skills groups and workshops
    • Individual appointments with a specialist for complete alcohol and other drug counseling and referral, help meeting court requirements, and smoking cessation including nicotine replacement and oral medication
    • Sexual health resources (condoms, dams, lubricant, pregnancy tests and information for healthy sexual decision making) and consultations
    • Sexual assault risk reduction and survivor support (information and referrals)
    • Resource library, brochures, books and handouts on a variety of health and wellness topics
    • Student Health 101 website with customized information about health-related concerns and efforts on campus
    • Health Education programs led by Peer Health Educators and/or Habif staff
    • Zenker Wellness Suite in Sumers Recreation Center (health promotion resources and programs)

Many other services are available at Habif and the costs of these services can be discussed with your provider.

***All charges are the responsibility of the student. Co-pays are due at the time of service. Students are responsible for any patient responsibility as determined by their insurance carrier. Bills will be sent to the student’s local address and are payable within 30 days of the statement. Non-payment in 30 days will result in the balance being placed on the students university student account.

It is the responsibility of the student to check pre-certification requirements and notify student health services as appropriate PRIOR to obtaining any service within Habif or at other providers.

It is the responsibility of the student to provide all referral slips provided by Habif when seeking care outside of Habif.

Billing Procedures

Your insurance company is billed for: provider visits, vaccines, lab tests, medical supplies, X-rays, etc.

They send a document (EOB) explaining their payment procedures to the subscriber.

If you have the school’s insurance, you are the subscriber of that plan and you will receive this document.

If you are on your parent’s insurance plan, your parent is the subscriber of that plan. Your parent may be notified by the insurance company that certain lab tests or procedures were done.

We can’t control what an insurance company reports.

If you are concerned about this, please speak with your provider before tests.

​​​Billing Questions

You may schedule an appointment to answer any billing questions. A billing question appointment is for any insurance and/or billing-related questions you might have for the billing coordinator. Please be prepared for this visit with any necessary paperwork (including billing statements, insurance information, etc.).

You may schedule a billing question appointment via the Portal by logging in, selecting ‘Appointments’ and clicking the ‘Billing Questions’ option or by calling 314-935-6666.