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Get involved. Be active. Find balance. Make community. The ways to make the most of your life at WashU are nearly endless. Explore opportunities that will help you discover what you want to do and who you want to be.

Campus Life

Discover ways to get involved on campus that define yourself and build community. Explore leadership opportunities, event-planning resources and student groups.

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Residential Life

Moving in, setting up your space, meeting your South 40 neighbors: the office of Residential Life is home base for your new home.

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School Spirit & Athletics

WashU is an athletic powerhouse with national-caliber sport programs. Cheer on the Bears, keep traditions alive and create memories of your own.

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Find Resources

Manage your life at WashU. Reach the tools you use every day, forms that help you lead your student group, and programs that support your academic journey.

Get Started at WashU

Welcome home! Get an introduction to the WashU community with the resources you need to start making the most of your WashU experience right now.

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Manage Your Academic Life

Exams, essays, research projects — it all piles up. Find resources to balance your responsibilities and become the best student you can be.

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Get to Know St. Louis

One of the most underrated parts of the WashU experience is St. Louis itself. Find new neighborhoods, events or just places to eat off campus.

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  • Paige Lawler

    We Are WashU

    Paige Lawler

    Paige Lawler, the first women's cross country NCAA Division III national champion in WashU history also researches the causes of Alzheimer's disease.

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  • Marco Quaroni

    We Are WashU

    Marco Quaroni

    Marco Quaroni, '20, is finding ways to integrate his interests in sports and photography.

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  • Angela Peacock

    We Are WashU

    Angela Peacock

    Angela Peacock is veteran who chooses to help other vets succeed in learning and in life.

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WashU students inspire and support one another while working to extend the frontiers of knowledge. Explore opportunities to become a leader and access tools to help manage the groups you lead.

students viewing an outdoor movie screening

Carry on the Tradition

First 40

New students participate in a wide-ranging series of social and cultural events during the first forty days of classes.

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