Health History Information

You must complete your health history, immunizations and meningitis information (mandatory for all first-year students students and those living in a dormitory setting), and a brief family health history via the Student Portal prior to moving onto campus. This information is submitted through the portal, and no physician signature is required.

Completing or Updating Your Health History

Please log into the Student Portal to complete or update your health history information. Once inside the portal, select ‘Forms’ to access the entrance medical requirements page. Select the ‘Health History’ link to access the form.

Verifying Your Form Is Complete

If you think you have already completed this form, please verify your form is complete by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the Student Portal.
  2. Select ‘Forms’.
  3. Items not yet submitted will display as a link with a status of ‘Not Yet Complete’, and completed items will display a check mark and a completed date. Verify that the status next to ‘Health History Form’ is marked complete.