Habif Health and Wellness Center and the Center for Counseling and Psychological Service are passionate about providing high quality ​​services in a caring environment that is affirming of all​ sexual orientations and gender identities. We along with the American College Health Association understand historically underserved ethical and racial minorities may experience more discrimination and challenges as stigma and barriers for access to physical and counseling and psychological care can be compounded for some individuals. Consider these tips for talking to your provider.

We, like our colleagues in the CDI, remain committed to our efforts to advocate for an inclusive and supportive environment for our transgender and gender-expansive students throughout their student experience. We understand that many of the students we serve are impacted by actions that aim to restrict, diminish, make invisible, or force the erasure of their lived experience and histories. We also recognize that these decisions disproportionately impact students from limited income backgrounds and students of color. Our work will always be to elevate voices, center experiences, provide care and resources, and advocate for an inclusive experience at WashU for transgender, gender-expansive, and minoritized students.  

Please reach out to us for support as well as utilize resources available for yourself or others.

Mission Statement and Related Policies

Personal Gender Pronouns and Chosen Names

We strive to honor the identities of students by using personal gender pronouns (PGP) and preferred names. Students may have updated WebSTAC, but it is important to update these — and your gender identity — in Habif’s Student Portal system to ensure that we have it while caring for you. To update your information, go to “Profile” under the student portal.

Why does Habif need my full, legal name?

Habif Health and Wellness Center must have your legal name on all medical documents because they are legal documents. Habif will have a place holder in your medical record for your preferred name. We will need to identify you by your legal name on certain occasions during your visit but will use your preferred name when possible.

Why must my sex be used for medical visits instead of my gender identity?

A person’s birth sex is a primary state of anatomic or physiologic parameters. Physiological change is different between the male and female sex. Medical conditions between males and females are often different between the two sexes and may require different forms of treatment. Some lab values are also reported differently between the sexes. Habif will recognize your preferred gender but will use your sex for your legal medical document and treatments.

How can I change my legal name?

View instructions on how to change your legal name in Missouri. If you need help, local advocacy group Metro Trans Umbrella Group offers free assistance by appointment.


In order to provide the best care possible, Habif and CCPS staff members attend training on LGBTQIA+ student care.

The Center for Counseling and Psychological Services

To care for the mental health and well-being of our students, we provide a variety of services including counseling and psychiatry, couples counseling (CCPS clinicians are fluent in polyamory and are welcoming of all types of relationships),  group counseling, the Let’s Talk program and TAO.

Our clinicians provide a safe and confidential space for students to explore identity, gender, sexuality, intersectionality, relationships, coming out and more. Learn how to schedule your first appointment.

Lavender Circle Weekly Process Group for the LGBTQIA+ Community flyer (PDF)

If you have any questions about our services, please call 314-935-6695.

Primary Care ​Services

Preventive Care

Routine physicals, pap smears, immunizations available by appointment

Acute Episodic Care

Same-day appointments or walk-in for urgent medical illnesses/injuries

STI Screening

Private appointments are available at Habif Monday-Friday. Habif hosts on-campus screening events once or twice per year. Off-campus screenings are available at the SPOT​ for students under 25 years old and other St. Louis locations.


Providers at Habif will evaluate and follow patients who are at increased risk for HIV. Book an appointment with your provider to discuss pre-exposure prophylaxis.

Health Promotion Services

  • Safer sex supplies and sexual health information available at Habif and CCPS and at the Zenker Wellness Suite in Sumers Recreation Center
  • Sexual health education programs run by Habif and CCPS staff featuring graduate practicum students, undergraduate Peer Health Educators, and community partners

Services for Trans Students

Gender Identity Consultations and Hormone Therapy

For students over 18 years of age, Habif  and CCPS can provide recommendation letters and insurance referral if needed. We work with the Washington University Transgender Center.

​Mental Health Services Web Resources

Campus Resources

LGBTQIA Campus Life
Gender Inclusive Restroom Map (PDF)
​Washington University in St. Louis Preferred Name Policy​​
Lavender Circle Weekly Process Group for the LGBTQIA+ Community
Report Bias/Discrimination​

Local Resources

Metro Trans Umbrella Group
PROMO – Personal Rights of Missourians, activist organization
Growing American Youth​– Social support for LGBTQIA youth under 21
Safe Connections – Domestic violence and sexual assault prevention and support
Vivent Health – Care for the HIV community
Food Outreach – Nutritional support to individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS
Pride St. Louis – Local organization putting on PrideFest​​​​ every June
Team St. Louis – LGBTQIA – inclusive sports teams
Frontrunners​ –  Non-competitive club for allies and LGBT runners and walkers

National Resources

Asexual Visibility and Education Network
Bisexual Resource Center 
Exploring Identities UNC
Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
GLBT Near Me
Healthy Bodies, Safer Sex (PDF)​
Human Rights Campaign
Intersex Society of North America
It Gets Better Project
It’s Pronounced Metrosexual
Lambda Legal
National Center for Transgender Equality
Planned Parenthood Sexuality and Gender
Resources for Questioning Youth
Safe Zone Project
Sexual Orientation and Coming Out
Transgender Law Center
Trevor Project