Therapy Assistance Online (TAO)

TAO is a seven-to-nine-week, interactive, web-based program that provides well-researched and highly effective strategies to help overcome anxiety, depression and other common concerns.

TAO allows you to get effective treatment when your schedule, or life, makes it hard to get to a regular counseling session.

With TAO, you will have access to highly effective therapy modules 24/7 and a dedicated time to meet online with your counselor each week. The most recent research shows this treatment model with effect sizes equal to or exceeding face-to-face therapy.

Each week, you will watch engaging videos, complete exercises, and meet with a counselor in person or via private, secure videoconferencing for a 20-30 minute consultation.

Weekly exercises take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete and can be done on a smart phone, tablet, or computer. These take about one to two minutes per entry and the treatment is most effective if you make an entry two or more times per day.​​​

Interested in Trying TAO?

TAO Self-Help

If you are not interested in counseling appointments, TAO for Self-help may be for you. Watch the self-help explainer video!

You can enroll online at TAO’s self-help website using your WashU email address and agreeing to receive TAO services.

TAO with Therapy

Students interested in TAO with therapy can contact us to schedule a TAO screening appointment.

If you are already seeing a counselor, you can let your counselor know that you are interested in TAO.

If you would like your screening to occur in person versus by phone, you must arrive 10 minutes early at Habif and use the kiosks to check in.

Check out a sample TAO session: TAO Understanding Depression

TAO User Login

TAO informed consent for treatment form (PDF)