24 Month STEM OPT Reporting Forms

This page is for F-1 International Students who have graduated from Washington University and have pending or approved STEM OPT.

During STEM OPT, students can no longer report their employer information into their SEVP Portal. At WashU, all STEM OPT reporting must be completed through our web forms below.

I-20 Reprint Request (STEM OPT): Use this form when:

  • You have not had any changes in your employment and you want a new I-20
  • You need a new travel signature that is less than 6 months old *Please note you should not travel outside the U.S. on a pending STEM OPT application.

6-Month STEM OPT Reporting: Use this form to submit your required STEM OPT data validation report every six months.

For other STEM OPT Employment related reporting: Select the form below that best fits.

I have changed jobs: Use this form when:

  • You have a pending or approved STEM OPT application and have changed jobs

I have changes to my employer information: Use this form when:

  • You have any changes in your current employer information. For example, your employer’s business name changed your supervisor on your I-983 changed, etc.

I am not working right now: Use this form when:

  • You are on approved STEM OPT and you are not working. *Please note if your STEM application is still pending and you are unemployed you must contact your OISS advisor directly.

I have Changed My Immigration Status: use this form when:

  • You are no longer in F-1 status. For example, you have an approved H-1B or permanent residence application.

Close My F-1 Status: Use this form when:

  • You are leaving the US and are no longer plan to return on your F-1 visa, and want your F-1 record closed.

If none of these forms fit your situation, or if you have further questions please email OISS.