24 Month STEM OPT Reporting Forms

This page is for F-1 International Students who have graduated from Washington University and have pending or approved STEM OPT.

  • Request a STEM OPT I-20: Use this form if you have not had any changes in your employment, but would like a new I-20 that is signed for travel to be mailed to you. While on OPT, a travel signature is valid for 6 months. Please note, we do not recommend traveling while a STEM OPT application is pending.
  • I have changed jobs: Use this form if you have a pending or approved STEM OPT application and have changed jobs.
  • I have changes to my employer information: Use this form if you have any changes in your current employer information.
  • I am not working right now: Use this form if you have approved STEM OPT application and have stopped working. (If you have a pending application and are unemployed, contact your OISS advisor directly).
  • STEM OPT Reporting: Use this form to submit your required STEM OPT data validation reports every six months.
  • I have Changed My Immigration Status: For example, if you have an approved H-1B or permanent residence application.
  • I am Leaving the U.S. Permanently: Use this form if you are leaving the US and don’t plan to return on your F-1 visa, and want your F-1 record closed.

If none of these forms fit your situation, or if you have further questions please email OISS.