STEM OPT Reporting – Material Changes to the Form I-983

Use this form if you are on STEM OPT and have changes in your current employer information.

What is a material change? The federal regulations require students on the STEM OPT extension and their employers to complete and sign a new I-983 Training Plan whenever there are material changes to or deviations from the training plan that was most recently submitted to the OISS.

Material changes include, but not limited to:

  • Change in your job role or job title
  • Change of your supervisor
  • Change in your employer address
  • Any reduction in compensation
  • A decrease in hours worked per week
  • Change in the employer’s EIN
  • Any changes with the employer’s commitment or with the learning objective of the student (as laid out in Form I-983)

Before you continue with this form, you must have a scanned copy of the updated and signed I-983. You should work closely with your supervisor to update your I-983. Please email if you need a copy of your past I-983 for reference.

OISS: STEM OPT Reporting - Material Changes to the Form I-983 REVISED

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