Treatment and Direct Support Services

Process for Rapid Access Zoom Counseling Appointments

Individual Counseling Appointments

Available to students meeting the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled full-time and paid the University’s health and wellness fee.
  • Physically be in Missouri at the time of your appointment. (For zoom appointments)

Returning Clients: If you are a returning client, please schedule online using the Student Portal. You will have the option to select either a zoom or in-person appointment. Please understand that routine appointments must be scheduled well in advance in order to find a time that works for both you and your clinician.

New Clients: The first step for most students seeking counseling services is a 25 minute, confidential consultation via Zoom with a MHS counselor. This appointment can be scheduled through the SHS portalPlease log onto the Habif portal at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your appointment. This initial consultation is provided only via Zoom. Please do not come to the office for this visit.

You will need to check in for the appointment and complete a brief assessment that will help us to better understand how you are currently doing. Your counselor will review the information prior to the start of your appointment. We will start the Zoom appointment only after you have checked in online and completed the brief assessment.

For discussion with your counselor at the time of your first Zoom tele-mental health appointment:

More Information about Counseling

TimelyCare and After Hours Support

TimelyCare is a 24/7, free virtual care service for full-time students to address common concerns that can be safely diagnosed and treated remotely. To access mental health support after hours, please download the TimelyCare app, register using your WUSTL email address, and access the Talk Now feature.

Therapy Assistance Online

Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) offers treatment for mild to moderate anxiety and depression, including concerns and stress due to the pandemic.

More Information about TAO

Let’s Talk

Our Let’s Talk program provides students with easy access to free, brief, confidential consultations with MHS counselors as they host Zoom hours throughout the week during which students can stop in when convenient – no appointments needed

More Information about Let’s Talk 

Group Therapy and Support

Group therapy provides a space for receiving support, better understanding yourself and others, providing and receiving feedback, and practicing new ways of relating in a safe environment. See below for more information on the current group offerings for the semester.

More Information about Therapy Group Services

Psychiatry and Medication

New Clients: New Clients: For students who have not previously seen a Habif psychiatrist, please schedule with the Mental Health Nurse via the Student Portal.

Returning Clients: Psychiatric medication management is available to returning students meeting the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled full-time and paid the University health and wellness fee
  • Have seen a Habif psychiatrist during the previous academic year
  • Current clinical issues are related to those previously treated
  • Currently located in Missouri (Students who have received previous treatment from a Habif psychiatrist and are NOT in Missouri should contact their Habif psychiatrist to discuss treatment options

If you are a returning psychiatry client, please schedule online using the Student Portal.

Beginning in 2020, in order to maintain the availability of quality psychiatric services for students with immediate mental health needs/crises, we are not able to accept any new or transferred patients that require the prescription of stimulant medications.

Stimulant medications include but are not limited to Adderall, Adderall XR, Ritalin, Concerta and Focalin. If you are already receiving stimulant medications, we encourage you to try to continue to work with your current provider. If you are hoping to consider starting a stimulant, please click on the link below.

See information specific to the treatment of ADHD

Regarding prescriptions, Habif psychiatrists cannot prescribe some medications in all states, due to federal and state laws, even for students meeting the above criteria. In those cases, you and your Habif provider can discuss the options for treatment. Habif psychiatrists do not prescribe medication unless students are current and active patients.

Contact your Habif psychiatrist through the secure message system of the Student Portal.  Monitor the secure message system for information and replies to your inquiries.

Other contact can be made to the Mental Health Nurse 314-935-6776 or the Mental Health Coordinator at 314-935-6695.

More Information About Psychiatry Services

Treatment of Eating Disorders

The The Habif Health and Wellness Center and Counseling and Psychological Services Staff takes a comprehensive approach to evaluating and responding to students’ eating and body image concerns.

More Information about Eating Disorders

Finding Local and Nationwide Resources

To get connected with a community-based mental health provider in-person or remotely in Saint Louis and nationwide.

Guide to Community Mental Health Services