Psychiatry Services

Full-time Danforth Campus students who have paid the health and wellness fee are eligible for psychological consultation at Mental Health Services, and psychiatry services are available on an as-needed basis.

Student issues requiring immediate psychiatric care for medical stabilization and/or imminent safety concerns are prioritized and seen as quickly as possible. See more crisis appointment information.

See information specific to the treatment of ADHD.

Research shows that psychotropic medication works best in tandem with mental health counseling. In order to provide the best possible care, in most cases students gain access to MHS psychiatry services after a referral from their existing MHS counselor.

Students interested in psychiatric treatment who do not have an existing MHS counselor should schedule a phone triage appointment (called a screening) with a MHS staff member. The purpose of the conversation is to clarify and assess your needs, and explore options for next steps. Use the Student Portal to schedule your screening and please note that this can take place in person if desired. Learn more about scheduling.

Due to limited availability, students wishing to discuss whether psychotropic medication is right for them or to attain a medical diagnosis of a psychiatric illness should work with a member of the counseling team or an off-campus provider.

Continuity of Care

Students who have an ongoing relationship with a family physician or psychiatrist at home are encouraged to maintain services with these providers. This can be beneficial for continuity of care as the home provider has an established relationship with the student. To facilitate this, students schedule appointments with their home provider during school break periods (may need to schedule two to three months in advance due to typical psychiatry wait times).

Please follow these instructions carefully if you are a student interested in transferring existing psychiatric care to Habif:

  1. Submit all psychiatric medical records for a minimum of the past five years (including any psychiatric hospitalizations and in-patient treatment).
  2. Contact the Mental Health Services Coordinator at 314-935-6695 to verify that your records have been received.

Once records are on file, students are placed on the waitlist for a psychiatric appointment. Please be aware that it can take several weeks before an initial psychiatric appointment at Habif, and plan accordingly. Students are free to explore off-campus options in lieu of Habif psychiatry services.

Important Dates & Information for Psychiatry Scheduling

In the interest of best serving students during periods of peak demand:

  • Students wishing to transfer the management of existing psychiatric medication from a home doctor to MHS may do so until November 1 for the fall semester and April 1 for the spring semester.
  • Please note that available appointment slots may fill up several weeks in advance of these deadlines.

Due to the limited number of available psychiatry appointments, students are expected to miss class or work if needed to attend their initial psychiatry appointment at MHS. We can provide a receipt of the visit to verify attendance with professors/employers. Follow-up psychiatry appointments are scheduled via the student portal at the student’s convenience

Community Psychiatry Services

As an alternative to our psychiatry services, students can pursue off-campus options. To that end, students can contact us for assistance and/or see Guide to Community Mental Health Services.