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We are committed to supporting you with Live Chat, email coaching and advising appointments via phone or Zoom.

To schedule a phone/Zoom appointment: Use our online scheduling tool (link below) to find an advisor who is a good fit for your interests.

For same-day connection with our staff: Use our Live Chat feature for quick questions, feedback on resumes, cover letters and email communications, advice about finding a career advisor, or help with CAREERlink. Over the summer, Live Chat is staffed weekdays, 11 a.m-2 p.m.

To meet with a school specialist: Learn how to sign up for Quick Advising slots.

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Zoom utilizes your computer’s microphone/camera and can be used for video or audio-only. You do not need to have Zoom software installed to connect with us via this technology. If you choose this option, your advisor will send a URL to click on at the time of your appointment.

We offer advising to WashU students from all schools, including undergraduates, masters, PhDs, postdocs, UCollege and alumni. We look forward to connecting with you.