You’re not alone! Career communities are industry-focused spaces that will inspire confidence as you make decisions about your future.

We encourage you to explore more than one career community and connect to opportunities such as:

  • Curated content and newsletters
  • Panels, programs, and events with alumni, practitioners, and industry experts
  • Toolkits (best-in-class resumes, industry-aligned job search strategies, etc.)
  • Signature events where you can connect with recruiters
  • Industry-specific sessions and decision-making workshops
  • Drop-in career coaching
  • Bear Treks–in St. Louis and beyond!

Each career community is meant to be a place for you to explore careers, make connections, and feel a sense of belonging. By choosing one or more, you aren’t committing to a specific path.

Arts, Design & Media

As a member of the Arts, Design & Media Career Community, you’ll join a robust network of current and former students who are interested in the pursuit of a “creative career” — a broad term applied to the following: communications, advertising, and public relations; architecture, design and UI/UX; journalism, illustration, publishing, and content development; studio art, arts administration, and cultural institutions; performing arts and entertainment; fashion and textiles; and other creative career sectors. By joining this community, you will gain exposure to the professional practices of artists, designers, architects, writers, and practitioners working in a multitude of contexts and industry niches.


The world of business is fast-moving. Our Business Career Community continuously evolves and reaches across functions such as finance, marketing, consulting, operations, human resources, management, accounting, analytics, and more. It also reaches across diverse industries where functions intersect and have global impact. Your business community is a rich network of students, alumni, employers, staff, faculty, and career coaches. Deeper than business skills, the community helps build confidence, engagement, continuous improvement, and perseverance.

Career Exploration

Career exploration is a process of discovery and connection. It’s about cultivating a mindset of curiosity and reflection to identify and clarify your interests, skills, values, and purpose to guide career decision-making. Engage in both internal self-assessment and external research and experiences to shape your story. The Career Exploration Community is a place to start and also a place to pivot, to learn through transition and set action steps to move forward.

This community may be a good fit for you if you are in the decision-making process, if all of the other communities sound interesting (or none seem quite right!), if you’re questioning or discovering, or if you are in the beginning (or messy middle) stages of considering what you may want to do after WashU.

Government, Policy & Social Impact

The Government, Policy & Social Impact Career Community is a robust network of more than 1,000 students and alumni who are mission-driven change agents in the fields of government, policy, politics, advocacy, law, social work, education and international affairs. They affect change at the local, state, federal and international levels. By joining this community, you will gain exposure to think tanks, Congress, the intelligence community, public consulting, nonprofits, campaigns and more.

Health Care & Sciences

Do you want to make an impact on the health and wellbeing of others, clinically or non-clinically? Whether you want to make a difference at the molecular, patient, population and/or organizational level, there’s a place for you here! As a member of the Health Care and Sciences Career Community, you’ll join a developing network of students, alumni and campus and industry partners interested in fields such as health care, research, sustainability, administration, and public/global health. You’re welcome no matter where you fall on the career decision making spectrum—decided, pivoting, or exploring.

Technology, Data & Engineering

As a member of the Technology, Data & Engineering (TDE) Community, you’ll join a network of students, alumni, and campus and industry partners. TDE covers a wide range of industries, companies, and roles, including but not limited to engineering, data analytics, design and UX, information management, networking and security, software development, product management, and healthcare analytics. You’ll explore ways to apply your problem-solving skills and passion for this field in a variety of areas.

Graduate Business

The Graduate Business Career Community is a vibrant collective of current and former graduate business students who seek to leverage data-driven insights, working collaboratively to solve real, complex problems and who lead others in a way that brings positive impact to our business ecosystems and global community. Those within Olin Business School’s Specialized Masters Programs and Full-Time MBA Programs are supported within this community, comprised of a rich and diverse network of students, alumni, employers, staff, faculty, and career coaches. Regardless of the area or industry, whether that be finance, data analytics, supply chain, accounting, consulting or management, this community is a place for you to explore the possibilities and build momentum toward career success.

Resources for full-time MBA students

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