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Internships are valuable experiences that can expose you to so much about a certain career. They can also contribute to your academic career as it is possible to get academic credit for internships whether they are paid or unpaid. Find internships on Handshake, or learn more about stipends for unpaid summer internships.

Academic credit for internships

Requirements for gaining academic credit for an internship vary from school to school, depending on your primary major. Students in the College of Arts & Sciences should follow the guidelines found on the Arts & Sciences’ website.

Otherwise, please contact your faculty advisor or career coach to discuss options and learn more about accepting an internship.

Engineering Co-ops and Internships

The McKelvey School of Engineering offers two options for completing academically relevant work experience while remaining enrolled as a student. To explore co-op and internship opportunities for engineering students, please visit the McKelvey School of Engineering’s website.

Hiring WashU Talent

Our Employer Relations Team is eager to collaborate with you to explore new and innovative recruitment and engagement strategies. Learn how you can hire WashU talent.

For information on recruiting students with MBAs or who are in specialized master’s programs, please visit Olin Connect.