Many students initially seek career guidance and assistance from faculty and staff advisors.

We invite you to spend some time learning about the number of resources the WashU Center for Career Engagement uses to partner with WashU staff, faculty, and instructors for their departments and courses.

How the WashU Center for Career Engagement can partner with faculty and staff:

Career advice within your curriculum

We can help you incorporate career information into your curriculum or syllabus. Please contact us if you would like to refer students to the Center for Career Engagement as part of your course. A copy of your syllabus and instructions pertaining to career-related assignments will help our staff become aware of any requirements and due dates, and will prepare us to respond to students’ questions.

Class presentations – Request a career program

The Center for Career Engagement is happy to present to your class. Pick a popular program we have done in the past, or we will work with you to create a custom program that matches your particular needs. We are happy to serve as guest speakers in your class, offering instructions on career planning and job search topics. Use our easy form to request a Center for Career Engagement program for your classroom.

Talking to students about the WashU Center for Career Engagement

The Center for Career Engagement is here to help students figure out their next steps. We work with all WashU students from first year to graduates and PhDs. It is never too late or too early to visit the Center for Career Engagement. Please encourage your students to visit us and utilize our online guides and resources. Learn more about our services and programming for your students.

Employer information

We can supply annual reports, company overviews and any information supplied by organizations that engage with the Center for Career Engagement to help students research employers and prepare for interviews. We can also connect you directly with a company. If you are interested in learning more about our employer and alumni connections, connect with us!

Faculty members may receive phone calls from employers requesting names of top students in their fields. It is important to maintain a fair and equitable process for all students.

The WashU Center for Career Engagement follows NACE’s Guide to Ethical and Legal Standards in Student HiringIf you receive an inquiry from an employer, please let us know. In addition to referrals, our team will post the job to our website so all eligible students have the opportunity to apply.

Event promotion

Do you have a career-related  event coming up? The Center for Career Engagement is happy to add your career-related event to our student newsletters and calendar. Connect with us to learn more.

Submit outcome information

Every year the WashU Center for Career Engagement  surveys the graduating class to gather information about their post-graduation plans. We follow up with graduates throughout the summer and fall in an effort to collect information from the entire class, but we could use your help! Do you know where your students are going over the summer or after graduation? Did you help them get there? Please let us know!

If you have students’ plans to report, please contact Amanda Martin.

The WashU Center for Career Engagement is excited to partner with faculty and staff to help promote career preparation for all WashU students. Please let us know if you have any questions on how our services can fit your needs.