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Email Authorization Form for Patient Communication

Email communication is available between you, your family (with your consent) and your providers, if you choose to submit the email authorization form.

Fees for Habif Health and Wellness Center

We are committed to providing the highest quality of care at a reasonable cost to students.

Habif Health and Wellness Center and Center for Counseling and Psychological Services Outreach Form

To request an outreach presentation, please fill out the form below. Please respond to the questions with as much information as possible. Please give a minimum of two weeks’ notice […]

Health History Information

Complete your health history information and update your profile to include your preferred name, pronouns, and cell phone number before moving onto campus.

Health Insurance Waiver Process

Learn about how to waive out of the student insurance plan.

HIPAA Privacy Policy and Procedures

Learn about Washington University's policies and procedures related to the HIPAA privacy and security rule.

Immunization and Health Insurance Requirements

All incoming students must provide proof of specified immunizations and will be enrolled in health insurance unless they provide proof of other health coverage.