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Application Process and Eligibility for TRIO

Learn about TRIO eligibility and how to apply.

Apply for TRIO

Complete the TRIO application to be considered for selection.

Apply for TRIO Supplemental Grant Aid

TRIO Scholars can apply for funding to assist with the cost of books, supplies, lab fees or extenuating circumstances.

Creating a Four-Year Plan for TRIO Scholars

TRIO staff recommend that all scholars create plans for their professional development throughout their academic career at WashU.

Frequently-Asked Questions about TRIO

Find out how the TRIO program works and if you're eligible to apply.

Funding Opportunities for TRIO Scholars

The fund provides TRIO Scholars the opportunity to receive financial support for workshops, training, leadership programs, conferences and more.

History of TRIO

The TRIO program has a long history in the U.S. and on the WashU campus.

Preparation for Graduate and Professional Programs for TRIO Scholars

Learn about TRIO programs to help you prepare for graduate school and and support your professional development.

The Four Pillars of TRIO

The TRIO program at WashU is built on professional development, advising, academic support and supplemental aid.

TRIO Advisory Board

The TRIO Advisory Board is comprised of a variety of faculty and staff from across Washington University’s Danforth Campus.

TRIO Graduate Testing Fund Application

Use this form to apply for TRIO graduate testing funds.

TRiO Professional Development Event Summary

Complete the event summary form after you have attended an event with support from TRiO professional development funds.

TRIO Professional Development Fund Application

Use this form to apply for TRIO professional development funding.

Washington University First Generation Celebration

Celebrate being a first generation college student at WashU on November 8!

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