Frequently-Asked Questions about TRIO

What type of services does TRIO provide?

TRIO provides cultural enrichment activities, academic mentoring, leadership opportunities, career advisement, graduate school application assistance, financial literacy sessions, and supplemental grants/awards to TRIO scholars who receive Pell Grants. Each scholar is also assigned a TRIO adviser with whom they meet to discuss academic goals and personal concerns regarding educational success.

How do I know if I am eligible for TRIO?

To determine if you are eligible, consider first if you are first generation, low income and/or have a learning or physical disability. If you are unsure about meeting the requirements, contact Student Financial Services (888-547-6670, email). Additionally, review your financial assistance award and notice if you are a Pell Grant recipient. Contact Disability Resources regarding accommodations or questions regarding a disability.

What is TRIO, and how are scholars selected for these services?

TRIO is a federally funded grant administered through the U.S. Department of Education. WashU has the SSS program of TRIO where students who may be first generation college students, low-income by federal guidelines and/or have a learning or physical disability may receive support. The mission of the TRIO program is to provide resources that will assist the selected scholars to overcome individual obstacles to achieve the highest possible standard of academic achievement, community involvement and personal commitment to success.

Does TRIO offer scholarships?

No, TRIO does not offer scholarships. However, selected scholars who are Pell Grant recipients are eligible to apply for supplemental grant awards through TRIO. These awards can be used for books, supplies, lab fees or extenuating circumstances that may affect your ability to be successful at WashU, such as technology troubles.

Will TRIO help me to better integrate into the Washington University community?

Yes,TRIO scholars often cite this as one of the most impactful aspects of the program, as TRIO offers a unique environment in which individuals from diverse backgrounds are able to connect with one another and identify shared experiences.