The Four Pillars of TRIO

Professional Development

TRIO provides scholars with support in creating professional development plans, applying and preparing for graduate or professional education, and identifying strategies for career search. As a scholar, you can seek career advising help through our office or by attending one of our professional development events. To find out more, see TRIO Events.


The TRIO professional staff offer services to TRIO Scholars that include academic advising; individualized academic coaching; workshops to strengthen skills in writing, chemistry, biology and mathematics; and experience working with and in study groups led by a trained academic peer mentor. Cultural and leadership programs, summer internship assistance and information regarding other campus resources are also available. Contact our full-time professional staff for more information.

Academic Support

Academic support is available through TRIO. There are weekly recurring sessions for Chemistry, Biology and Calculus facilitated by our very own highly trained TRIO scholars. These student mentors are great resources for those classes as well as learning study tips and academic skills. Visit the TRIO Events to see when these study sessions take place.

Supplemental Aid

As a part of the TRIO program, scholars are able to apply for supplemental funding that can help students offset some of the costs of activities and events. Two of the main funds that TRIO scholars may apply for are the Professional Development Fund and the Graduate Testing Fund. These funds will offset costs of attending training, conferences, or graduate school testing. In addition, TRIO scholars may apply for supplemental grant awards that can be used for books, supplies, lab fees or extenuating circumstances. Visit TRIO Funding for more information.