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Leadership is more than a position you hold – it’s about the positive change you are a part of creating.

Featured Alum

Students lead in many ways and in a surprising combination of venues across the WashU campus.

Megan Wolf

Megan Wolf

Megan Wolf led her team to victory on the field and took the point on fighting violence.

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Spring 2021 Event Approval Process

Based on the Spring 2020 University guidelines, there is a new event registration process for student groups.

Starting a New Student Group

When you're thinking about starting a new student group, what do you need to keep in mind?

Student Group Conduct Guide

Statement of Philosophy for Student Group Conduct The Department of Campus Life empowers students to discover and define themselves and their communities through programming, advising, and resources. Our vision for […]

Student Group Data

View a report about 2020-2021 student groups, their members, categories, activities and more.

Student Group Finances: How Things Work

Check out this guide for information about student group budgets, finances, roles and more.

Student Group Guidance

View guidance for accountability and member expectations for student groups.

Student Group Handbook

A publication of Campus Life - Washington University in St. Louis.

Student Group Starting Point

Start here to access all of the things your group needs for virtual programming and support resources.