Undergraduate Events with Alcohol

Policy Statement

Undergraduate student groups and chapters are afforded the privilege of serving alcohol at certain events. With this privilege comes expectations regarding ensuring the safety and welfare of those in attendance. Students are expected to know and abide by all applicable state and federal laws and university policies and procedures. Students are responsible for their own behavior; however, if alcohol is a part of an event, student organizers and sponsors must undertake efforts to provide a safe environment for the attendees.

All events with alcohol need to be registered online through Event Registration form found in Washington University Group Organizer (WUGO). The event should be submitted to the Event Registration form no less than 14 days prior to the date of the event.


Required Training

Student groups and chapters who plan to host an event with alcohol are required to participate in two training sessions.

Events with Alcohol Training

Any student group looking to have alcohol at their undergraduate event must attend a Programming with Alcohol Training session to better understand the policies and procedures that support those types of events. Campus Life is dedicated to the health, safety and security of Washington University students and dedicated to helping undergraduate host successful events safety and security of Washington University students and dedicated to helping undergraduate host successful events as safe as possible.


At least four individuals, including but not limited to those planning the event, must be designated “Responsible Contacts”. More may be required based on the size, type, and location of the event. The responsible contact training schedule is listed below.

New members to the community and/or organization are not to serve in this role. Responsible contacts are expected to oversee the implementation of the alcohol guidelines throughout the entire event. They are not to consume any alcohol during any portion of the event and must remain the contact throughout the entire event; shifts are not acceptable

Approved Off-Campus Venues

As part of Campus Life’s dedication to the health, safety and security of Washington University students, off-campus venues must go through an approval process through our office. Each time an off-campus venue will be used, our Off-Campus Venue Agreement should be paired with the off-campus venue’s contract or used as the event contract. This ensures the venue is aware of our policies and agrees to uphold the standards set for undergraduate student group or chapter events with alcohol.

The completed Off-Campus Venue Agreement should be uploaded in WUGO or sent to your Campus Life Advisor for review and signature at least 10 business days prior to the event


Keystone Staffing Resources*
Brian Campbell
Contact Keystone Staffing Resources by email
Hourly rate: varies

If Keystone is unavailable for your event, please contact Sergeant Zack Kahn of WUPD to discuss options for your event


Cole Fournier
Coordinator for Education and Compliance