The LEAD Project

Student leaders equipping their peers to enact positive and effective change in themselves and their communities.

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We believe that leadership is about the ability to positively change oneself, one’s communities and society. Leadership is not a positional, but rather a process, and The LEAD Project takes this to heart by targeting an audience of student group leaders.

What Leadership Means to Us

In order for students to be efficient social change agents, we believe that students should embody these ideals:

  • An awareness of self and commitment to values
  • The confidence to speak their minds and offer contributions through their strengths
    The active practice of inclusive leadership
  • Consistent collaboration through trust, a common goal and embracing controversy with civility

Our Work

During an isolating time for all of us, The LEAD Project is focusing on bring our campus community together.

New this year, The LEAD Project hosts “BEAR-adise” at least one Friday a month! Using the online platform Hop-In, BEAR-adise offers an opportunity for all Wash U students to win prizes, play games, and meet new friends.

Leadership starts with connecting the community.


Join us on March 12th and April 9th. Sign up on WUGO!

Our Committees
Marketing and Assessment
  • Develops brand recognition for the organization among Wash U undergraduates with relevant marketing strategies
  • Advertises all LEAD events, trainings and services using various forms of media
  • Assesses learning and program effectiveness for all LEAD facilitations, workshops, and events
Training and Development
  • Organizes and facilitate leadership workshops on various topics such as Diversity & Inclusion and Strengths & Values
  • Collaborates with campus partners to develop expertise on leadership skills, then incorporate your knowledge into workshop facilitations
  • Brainstorms, designs, organizes and implements premier leadership development programs supporting various WashU student groups
  • Establishes strategic partnerships with relevant student organizations on campus
    Promotes connections between student leaders within the WashU community

Our Leaders

2020-2021 Board of Directors

Executive Chair

Kiarra Womack
Kiarra Womack

Marketing and Assessment Co-Chairs

Anna Riek
Anna Riek
Caryn Cogshell headshot
Camryn Cogshell

Training and Development Chair

Faith Liang
Faith Liang

Programming Co-Chairs

Stephanie Hernandez-Barrales
Owen Ouyang headshot
Owen Ouyang

2021-2022 Executive Chair

Faith Liang

Charlie Yeldham

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Kiarra Womack:, Executive co-chair for the LEAD Project