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Welcome to your neighborhood! Residential Life and WashU are committed to supporting our students, non-students, and the permanent residents that live in the surrounding neighborhoods. Our dedicated staff seek to connect with students, permanent residents, and WashU to one another in order to enhance the quality of life for everyone in the community. 

We also assist with and educate students who are intending to live off-campus about safety, the apartment search, local ordinances, university policy, and other aspects of off-campus neighborhood life. We connect, advocate, respect and engage in the community we serve.

What is Neighborhood Care?

  • Connect students to neighborhoods and neighbors to students. Facilitate neighborhood access to the university and university-community access to neighborhood events and resources.
  • Advocate for community needs, neighbor’s rights, students’ rights,  and neighborhood improvements. Provide education around tenant’s rights and responsibilities, safety, law enforcement, and living safely in the neighborhood.
  • Respect and encourage getting to know neighbors and students as individuals (by name and story). Hold students accountable for actions and impact. Educate all university students about respect in the neighborhood – ‘Beyond the Bubble’.
  • Engage and promote being a good neighbor – ‘Smart Students Make Great Neighbors. Provide community service opportunities – students working in the community

For more information about N.C.A.R.E., Contact Residential Life.

Upcoming Neighborhood Events

Come back soon to learn more about upcoming neighborhood events, St. Louis happenings, and neighborhood information.

Resources for Off-Campus Housing ⇒Updated as of 8/4/2020 ⇐

Apartment Referral Services

Quadrangle WashU Off-Campus Housing

Tips on how to search for an apartment remotely:

For those needing to remotely search for an apartment, many landlords have adjusted operations so that potential tenants can have an effective remote search. Please review the apartment search tips below. These tips are also available on our Neighborhood C.A.R.E. website.

  1. Take time to understand your own needs. Consider what is most important to you in an off-campus apartment. This could include location, price, various amenities/features, number of roommates, noise, parking availability, and transportation needs.
  2. Ensure that you know what is included in the price of rent and what is not. Many private apartments/landlords may not have amenities like parking, internet, TV/cable, electric, water, waste management, laundry, etc. built into the price of rent. It is important to ask any potential landlord what is or is not included in the price of rent. Additionally, ensure that what is provided is specifically stated in the lease.
  3. Ask for a video tour of the apartment unit. This could be done live over a video call or be filmed in advance. A video tour helps you better understand the layout of the apartment unit and how you would utilize it. A live video call gives you the opportunity to ask specific questions about the unit, inspect specific amenities/appliances, or examine other things that are important to you as if you were there.
  4. Do not feel the need to sign a lease right away. Leases are legally binding documents that ensure you are responsible for the agreed to financial obligations. They are generally difficult to terminate, so it is important to know what you are agreeing to and to be comfortable with all of the terms. After viewing an apartment you are interested in, ask for a copy of a blank lease so that you can review it. Be sure to ask clarifying questions to the landlord if there is anything you do not understand. If you feel it is needed, it is also okay to consult legal counsel before you sign.

Resources for Safety and Security

WUPD logo: safety, you make it happen

WashU Police Department

Have an emergency? Witnessed a crime? Need a bike lock?

The WashU Police Department can be reached at 314-935-5555.

Safety Tips from WUPD

Parking, transportation and shuttles

Get your U-Pass, buy a parking pass and find resources for getting around St. Louis.

Parking, Transportation and Shuttles

Emergency Management

Sign up for emergency alerts and find tips on how to be ready in case of a fire or other emergencies.

Emergency Management

City of St. Louis

Affiliated City Resources:

Affiliated Neighborhoods:

Loop Trolley:

Get info and updates on the Loop’s new trolley system.

The Loop Trolley


If you are in need of assistance while searching for housing, the Office of Residential Life will be available to assist students with anything related to off-campus living, including searching for housing. We can be reached at or (314) 935-5050. We look forward to serving you!