Fraternity Housing

Please review fraternity housing costs on the Residential Life room rates page.

Students wishing to live in an on-campus fraternity house will fill out a Residential Life housing contract through the Housing Portal. Please adhere to all Residential Life housing selection deadlines.

There is no advance payment for fraternity housing. Please refer to the cancellation policy addressed in your terms and conditions.


What does it mean to be at full capacity in the fraternity housing process?

  • In order to maximize community in the fraternity houses, students that join a fraternity should plan on living in the house for a portion of their time as a member.
  • Your fraternity must fill to capacity before any new or returning members will be permitted to participate in the Residential Life general housing selection process. House managers will submit actual room assignments early spring semester.
    • New & Current Members: new and current members of the fraternities will not be allowed to continue through the lottery process if at the deadline the chapter house does not have contracts filled out equaling 100 percent of the occupancy for the academic year. This is ultimately due to the fact that if one was to live in Residential Life housing while their fraternity house is not full, that student is considered by the university as having two housing spots, one that is reserved for them in their fraternity house and the one that they would be living in Residential Life housing.
    • If a current fraternity house resident wants to return to Residential Life housing in the next year, they will receive a lottery number equivalent to their class standing however, they will only be eligible to petition for housing if their fraternity has submitted contracts equivalent to 100 percent of capacity by the deadline.

If you want to remain in Residential Life housing but your fraternity does not submit 100 percent of contracts by the deadline, unfortunately you will not be able to participate in the general housing selection process.