Fraternity Housing

Campus Life owns and operates ten university facilities that fraternities have been granted the privilege of occupying located near the Athletic Complex and the Village Green on the Danforth Campus.

Your Fraternity House Managers

Costs, Contract, Dates and Info

2019-20 Important Dates

  • Fall Semester Opening – August 24, 2019

Students may request to arrive early or extend their stay outside of the Fall opening/Spring closing dates. However, a fee of $50.00 per day will be charged to the student’s account for each additional day of occupancy.

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Fraternity Housing Costs 2018-19

Fraternity Houses including House 1 and House 11
Single $11,400/year
Double $9,900/year
Triple $7,350/year

Contract Process

  • Fraternity house contracts are due by 5 p.m. on February 24, prior to all Residential Life housing rounds.
  • If you are planning on living in the fraternity house, speak with your house manager ASAP.
  • Advance payments are not required for living in a fraternity house; however a $500.00 fee will be applied to a student’s account upon the cancellation of his contract, regardless of when the contract is cancelled. Please note that if you cancel to go abroad on a nonuniversity program, you will still be responsible for the cancellation fee.
  • Contracts will be available online through your WebSTAC account at least two weeks before the deadline.
  • Please note: Most fraternities have requirements for members to live in, please talk with the leadership of your specific chapter for details on what is required from you on living in.
  • Also note: House managers will submit actual room assignments by May 1, 2016. Each Fraternity chapter has its own process for room selection within their organizational structure.

What is an “occupancy rate” and how does it affect current members and new members?

  • Each fraternity is expected to occupy its house to the full capacity.
  • Those men that are new members or current members of a fraternity will not be allowed to continue through the lottery process if at the deadline the chapter house does not have contracts filled out equaling 100% of the occupancy for the academic year. This is ultimately due to the fact that if one was to live in Residential Life housing while his fraternity house is not full, that man is considered by the university as having two housing spots, one that is reserved for him in his fraternity house and the one that he would be living in Residential Life housing.
  • If a current fraternity house resident wants to return to Residential Life housing in next year, he will receive a lottery number equivalent to his class standing however, he will only be eligible to petition for housing if his fraternity has submitted contracts equivalent to 100% of occupancy by the February deadline.
  • Please note: If you want to remain in Residential Life Housing but your fraternity does not submit 100% of contracts by the February 27 deadline, unfortunately you will not be able to participate in their room assignment process.

2017-18 Terms & Conditions (PDF)

Questions? Contact Austin Sandoval-Sweeney or Molly Bennett.