Become a Fraternity House Manager

To be considered, House Manager applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum 2.5 semester and cumulative GPA
  • Enrolled as a full-time student as defined by the University
  • Affiliated with the chapter for which they are applying to be a House Manager
  • Be in good judicial standing with the University and chapter

House Managers hold academic year positions. The House Manager job description below details the role’s performance of administrative, maintenance, safety/security, chapter development, advising/facilitating and role modeling functions for their residents/members and of the community in general, working under supervision of the Coordinator for Campus Life – Sorority and Fraternity Life.

Questions? Contact Zachary Littrell, Associate Director for Campus Life.

House Manager Compensation and Job Description


  • House Managers will have 60% of their fall and spring semester housing/room fee covered for a designated single room in their respective house

time commitment

  • August training, with the possibility of arriving 1-2 weeks early for Fall semester
  • January training, with the possibility of arriving 1-4 days early for Spring semester
  • Once a month staff meeting
  • HMs meet biweekly with their supervisor, times are set according to the HMs schedule
  • Walkthroughs will be conducted once a month, schedules will be provided at the beginning of each semester
  •  Actual time commitment will vary throughout the semester with a greater commitment to facility openings and closings, trainings, etc.

Community Building

  • Develop a personal understanding of the FSL Guiding Values: Belonging, Personal Growth, Social Justice, Self-Governance, Well-Being, and Responsibility and weave these themes into conversations and required programs with chapter members
  • Become familiar with position expectations, supervisor’s expectations, and Campus & Residential Life policies and procedures
  • Fulfill other responsibilities as assigned by supervisor or other Campus Life staff

Crisis management and emergency response

  • Serve as a Mandatory Reporter who has the authority to address sexual misconduct, who has the duty to report incidents of sexual misconduct, or who a member of the University community reasonably believes has such authority or duty
  • Be trained on and familiar with campus and community resources in order to provide information and referrals to residents for mental health and other personal matters
  • Uphold all University and Office of Residential Life policies, rules, and regulations
  • Assist facility residents with room lockouts on an as-needed basis


  • Complete all required paperwork in a timely and accurate manner
  • Promptly post signage and pertinent community information
  •  Identify and report maintenance concerns in communities throughout the semester
  •  Attend weekly staff meetings and/or trainings
  • Attend bi-weekly 1:1s with supervisor

personal and professional development

  • Demonstrate an understanding to the FSL Guiding Values on an individual and communal level
  • Maintain an ethic of self-care and encourage others on staff and in your communities to do the same