Become a Fraternity House Manager

The house manager applications for 2018-19 have closed.

To be considered, house manager applicants must meet two of the three requirements:

  • Lived in the house for at least one semester
  • Affiliated with the fraternity for at least one year
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA

House managers hold academic year positions. The house manager job description below details their performance of administrative, maintenance, safety/security, chapter development, advising/facilitating and role modeling functions for their residents/members and of the community in general, working under supervision of the program coordinator for Fraternity/Sorority Life.

Questions? Contact Molly Bennett.

House Manager Job Description

Administration of Fraternity House

  • Be the first resident to arrive in the Fall and last resident to depart in the Spring semesters to oversee accurate check-in and check-out procedures.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of all Inter/National Fraternity and university policies.
  • Preside over room assignment process, including obtaining contracts from residents, monitoring and documenting room changes, distributing and collecting keys, and preparing room condition reports.
  • Coordinate with university administrators as needed (e.g., Residential Computing, Mail Services, Athletics, WUPD).
  • Complete and submit forms to the Coordinator for Student Involvement and Leadership (Facilities) (e.g., room rosters, inspection reports) to meet required deadlines.
  • Communicate regularly and/or upon request with fraternity House Corporation or chapter adviser.
  • Meet with the program coordinator for Fraternity/Sorority Life, as required.
  • Attend the pre-opening training, spring leadership seminar and biweekly house manager meetings.
  • Report incidents of theft, vandalism, fire or other threatening activity to WUPD and the program coordinator for Fraternity/Sorority Life.
  • Oversee the distribution and storage of university-owned furniture located within houses managed by Campus Life.
  • Complete other duties as assigned.


  • Receive work order requests from members and submit to
    Campus Life.
  • Continually evaluate facility, noting opportunities for preventative maintenance.
  • Work closely with Facilities Planning and Management Purple Zone supervisor and mechanics.
  • Meet with service providers as needed.
  • Assist in the coordination of receiving supplies and deliveries to the house.
  • Oversee member involvement in house cleaning and enforce agreed upon house living conditions.


  • Have a working knowledge of fire-safety equipment and how to report when equipment is tampered with.
  • Develop and clearly post evacuation routes and assembly points in case of fire.
  • Inspect house monthly, addressing fire-safety concerns as necessary, and prepare appropriate documentation.
  • Serve as point of contact to university administration in case of any emergency.
  • Monitor compliance with health code requirements.
  • Prepare house for closing at appropriate time of year (Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break, Summer) and preparing appropriate documentation.
  • Assist with semi-annual fire department inspections.
  • Report any violation of university or fraternal policy to the chapter president and/or the program coordinator for Fraternity/Sorority Life.

Chapter Development

  • Educate chapter members and new members about the responsibilities and obligations of living in the fraternity house (financial, behavior, cleaning).
  • Serve as resource / referral officer to members if in need of services provided within the university.
  • Communicate frequently with chapter president regarding concerns with use of the house.
  • Present safety programs to entire chapter.
  • Ensure that planners of fraternity events (social, brotherhood, Thurtene chairs) are well informed of fire code regulations and those regulations are adhered to.

Role Modeling and Attitude

  • Convey a positive attitude towards Campus Life and its duties and responsibilities.
  • Comply with the university’s and Inter/National Organizational policies and procedures.
  • Act as a positive role model both for members of the Fraternities Sororities and other Washington University in St. Louis students.
  • Treat fellow employees and students with courtesy and respect.


  • House manager selection process will take place in March.
  • Each chapter will need at least two men to apply who qualify for two of the three requirements:
    • Lived in the house for at least one semester
    • Affiliated at least one academic year
    • 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • The potential house manager must be a member of the fraternity, or university student, if applying for a house manager role in nonfraternity university-owned by Campus Life.
  • The potential house manager must commit to returning to campus early for training prior to the fall semester and spring semester, if necessary.


  • The House Manager will receive a housing credit from Campus Life as compensation.
  • If the chapter loses the privilege of Campus Life-managed housing for any reason, when the house is closed, the house manager will no longer hold their position or be compensated.
  • Stipend Guidelines:
    • The house manager retains the exclusive right to their housing credit.
    • The fraternity may not take, or otherwise require, a donation of the house manager housing credit.
    • The fraternity may not raise the dues, impose fines or require additional fees of the house manager.