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Chris Stone, EdD

Dr. Chris Stone joined Washington University as Director of Disability Resources (DR) in May 2020. Dr. Stone leads Disability Resources in its efforts to assist disabled students in meeting their […]

Desiree Klemm-Kafel, JD

Desiree joined Disability Resources in November 2021. In her role as Assistant Director, Desiree evaluates and assists in determinations of disability accommodation eligibility, works with students on access barriers, and […]

Justin Bowman, MA

Justin Bowman joined Disability Resources in May 2021, following completion of his Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Utah State University. In his role as Coordinator, Justin assists students through […]

Steven Brooks, Administrative Coordinator

Steven Brooks is excited to be welcomed back to WashU as the Disability Resources’ Administrative Coordinator.  Joining DR in January 2023, Steven helps plan and coordinate the daily administrative functioning […]

Emelia Osborn, MA

Emelia joined Disability Resources as Academic Support Assistant in September 2022. In her role, Emelia manages Disability Resources’ test proctoring services, partnering with professors, students, and student-staff to facilitate assessments […]

Lauren Schmuke, MS

Disability Resources welcomed Lauren in September 2022. In her role as Coordinator, Lauren assists students through the process of determining and establishing disability-related accommodations, and identifying resources to support their […]

Matthew Sullivan, PhD

Dr. Sullivan joined Washington University in December 2021.  As Assistant Director, Matt supports Disability Resources, the University, and disabled students in the creation of a more inclusive environment through the […]

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