Internship & Job Career Fairs

Washington University in St. Louis will host local and national organizations hiring for internships, co-ops, and jobs at multiple career fairs.

The fairs provide WashU students a unique opportunity to meet and interview with dozens of potential employers in a short amount of time. All WashU students and alumni are invited to attend.

Spring All-Campus Internship & Job Career Fair

Tuesday, January 31, 2023 AT 3-7 p.m. CST

The Career Center will host local and national organizations for the Internship & Job Career Fair who are recruiting from various industries and job functions. This fair is open to all WashU students and alumni. The Spring 2023 Career Fair will be in person at the Field House.

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Net Impact Expo: Explore Environmental & Social Impact Careers

THURSDAY, FebrUary 9, 2023 AT 3-5 P.M. CST

The Career Center and Net Impact are partnering to hold the expo, for students to explore how to build a career out of making a direct, positive impact on people and the planet. This expo is open to all WashU students and alumni. The expo will be virtual, held through handshake.

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Architecture | Urban Design | Landscape Architecture Career Fair

THURSDAY, February 16, 2023 AT 3-7 P.M. CST

The Career Center and the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Art will host top architecture firms during the annual Architecture | Urban Design | Landscape Architecture Career fair. This fair is open to all WashU students and alumni. The Fair will be in person, at Weil Hall.  Professional attire (a suit) and a portfolio are strongly recommended.

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McKelvey Engineering Meet-Up

THUrSDAY, February 23, 2023 AT 4-6 P.M. CST

The McKelvey School of Engineering and the Career Center will host industry partners for a “pitch-style” event to introduce students to companies and facilitate connections. The Meet-Up will be virtual, through Zoom.

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Startup Internship + Job Career Fair

TUeSDAY, March 7, 2023 AT 3-6 P.M. CST

The Skandalaris Center, the Career Center, the Weston Career Center, and the McKelvey School of Engineering will host startup firms for the Startup Internship + Job Career Fair. This fair is open to all WashU students and alumni. The Fair will be virtual, through Handshake.

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Career Fair Prep

The Career Center will offer multiple sessions of Career Fair Prep. These workshops will teach you how to research employers, approach recruiters and other tips to working a fair. Sign up for a session by logging into Handshake and searching “career fair prep” under Events.

You may also watch our YouTube playlist on career fairs and interviews.


The week before the fairs, many organizations will host information sessions allowing students to find out more about their organizations. Students are encouraged to research positions and sign up for events by logging into Handshake, the Career Center’s interactive database of jobs and internships.

For help with Handshake, quick questions about employers or the fair, or for resume feedback, drop-in to our office in DUC 110 during regular business hours, use Live Chat, or schedule an appointment.

Career Fair FAQs

The Spring 2023 Career Fair will be in person.

Where can I find a list of employers participating in the career fair?

Log into Handshake, click on Events then search for the event name.Under each employer there is a list of positions.

What should I do to prepare in the time leading up to the fair? How should I follow up after the fair is over?

To get the most out of the experience and make the best impression when you meet employers, we recommend you take these steps to prepare ahead of time.

    • You may find a position that interests you in an industry you didn’t expect. Therefore, it’s a good idea to look through the list of organizations and browse jobs. Pick a few employers to meet and research them to develop strategic, educated questions to ask during the fair.
  • Do the following research before attending the Career Fair.
    • Analyze their website; find out about their products, work, clients, and competitors.
    • See if they have positions posted, look for their mission statement or cultural pillars, and check the annual report and/or current news.
    • Check LinkedIn to see if WashU alumni work there; check their locations and organizational structure.

*Recruiters can always tell if students have researched ahead of time, so this step is critical for making a good impression!*

  • Practice how you’ll introduce yourself:
    • Watch our Career Fair Prep: Introduction Pitch video to learn more. What about you and/or the employer inspired you to meet them?
    • Here is a formula for your 30-second intro:
      • Start off by sharing your name, year, and major.
      • Say a bit about your interests or experience (coursework, activities, leadership, internships/jobs) that are relevant to the employer (which you’ll know from your research)
      • Mention what about them caught your attention
      • State why you think you and the organization might be a good match.
      •  Ask a question based on what you read on their website and find out how you can stay in touch or what next steps you should take.

*For tips, see this video.*

  • Plan what you’ll wear:
  • Prepare materials: Write or update your one-page resume and review it to ensure the format is clean, descriptions are clear, and there are no errors or typos. You’ll also want a notebook and pen ready to jot down notes about your conversation after each employer meeting. You will also want to write down their name (with correct spelling) and email address. These notes will help you write a thank you note referring to your conversation (help them remember you!) and include details from your conversation in a cover letter.
  • Follow-up afterward:

How do I join a Handshake Virtual Fair?

  • Please make sure to visit Handshake’s Guide to Attending a Virtual Fair for important information on signing up for sessions, preparing for the fair, and participating in the fair.
  • Important Information: Students must select time slots to meet with schools.
  • Please note that you must sign up for a session ahead of time. Once student registration for the event opens, students can start selecting time slots to meet with representatives. You will need to claim your Handshake account to get started. After you’ve done so, see the tips below for signing up and attending virtual sessions.
    • From the overview page, click on the Available Sessions tab to review and sign up for sessions.(For details on this process, refer to Signing Up for & Managing Virtual Fair Sessions.)
    • To sign up for Group or 1:1 sessions, you may be prompted to update your profile privacy settings. We recommend using Community to make the most of your Handshake experience, as this will allow you to participate in all fair sessions and engage with other students/alumni!
    • For more information on profile privacy, refer to Profile Privacy Options in Handshake.
  • Review which employers are attending the fair (follow employers you want to check back in with)!
  • You’ll be able to sign up for sessions at any point, even during the fair (as long as the session hasn’t ended).

Do I need a resume uploaded to the system to participate in the fair?

No. If you are a First-Year student, don’t let your lack of a professional resume stop you from attending. However, we highly encourage most students to use the fair as a good reason to update their resumes. For tips and examples, see our Resume & Cover Letters handout. For feedback, visit our Quick Questions walk-in hours.

What if I don’t see an organization I’m interested in? Should I still attend?

Each time you put yourself in a professional situation, you grow in comfort and confidence. Practice makes progress, and returning to the fair in the future will be much easier if you show up when the stakes are relatively low. Career Fairs help students practice the critical skill of professional interaction. To attend the fair to get experience introducing yourself to a few employers.

As for the employers that will be present, it’s essential to understand that recruiting cycles and methods are industry-driven. To effectively plan your internship or full-time job search, it is critical to know when industries tend to post positions. Please read our information about recruiting cycles by industry to understand better how and when various industries tend to post, recruit and hire.

Regardless of the industries that interest you, or the likelihood of campus recruiting through virtual fairs or postings, the Career Center is dedicated to helping you build your target list, interact with employers, network with alumni, and learn how to navigate the search and application process successfully. For help with your strategy, join a Career Interest Group or schedule an advising appointment.

How else can I connect with employers?

You must engage in intentional conversations with employers to learn about and share an interest in their work. You can do this in a variety of ways:

Can alumni attend the career fair?

Yes. Please use your WUSTL key to log into Handshake and update your profile. If you have difficulty logging in, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 314-935-5930.

Can non-Washington University students/alumni attend the Career Fair?

Unfortunately, the Career Fair is open to only current WashU students and alumni.

We will hold additional fairs in the spring.

For Employers and Recruiters

If your organization is interested in attending one of the Internship & Job Career Fairs, please read more on our Recruiting Calendar page.