Room Change Process

Living Agreements

Living Agreements are a crucial piece of the residential experience at Washington University in St. Louis.  Living Agreements help room and suites create strategies for communication, discuss their preferences for sharing a common living space, and negotiate common ground for living together in a space.  Click here to find the Living Agreement Template and other supporting documents.
Please following the steps below to have your Living Agreements completed by September 26, 2019.
  1. Spend time individually reflecting using the WashU Living Agreement Facilitation Questions
  2. Sit down with your suite/roommates to complete the agreement using the WashU ResEd Living Agreements
  3. Meet with your Resident Advisor to discuss the agreement and sign the form together with your suite/roommates.
  4. Keep and refer to this agreement when needed.
  5. Don’t be afraid to have open, honest, respectful and empathetic conversations with your roommates if discrepancies arise or revisions need to be made throughout the year.

Room Assignments & Changes

When Conflict Occurs
Conflict is normal and many conflicts can be resolved through effective conflict resolution. Before you ask for a room change because of a roommate conflict, follow these steps:

  • Set-up an in-person time to talk with your roommate(s) about your concerns
  • Focus on what is most concerning for you
  • Be specific about behaviors of concerns
  • Use ‘I’ statements
  • Ask open ended questions and actively listen
  • Use your living agreement to generate dialogue or to reference during your conversation
  • If you need more guidance, talk with your RA about your concerns and get some help addressing it
  • Share what is most concerning to you
  • Be honest about all your concerns even if some feel small or insignificant
  • Talk about what your needs for support are in addressing the conflict
  • If needed, have your RA mediate a conversation between you and your roommate(s) and have them help complete or revise your living agreement

If Conflict Cannot Be Resolved
Any resident who wishes to change their current room assignment will need to submit a Room Change Request form. This form can be found on the WashU Housing Portal.

Residents are able to request a change to a specific location, building and/or room. Residents who do not have a specific space in mind will be assisted by the Residential Life Office during this process.

Please be aware that housing rates vary depending on the location, building and room type. Some buildings may also require a meal plan change. Be sure to review our Housing Rates prior to accepting a room change offer.

Room Change Procedures and Deadlines

  • The Room Change Request form will open on the WashU Housing Portal starting September 11, 2018 at 12 p.m. The form will close on October 2, 2018 at 5 p.m.
  • All residents are encouraged to meet with their current Resident Advisor (RA) or Residential College Director or Residential Community Director (RCD) before submitting a Room Change Request form.
  • We ask residents to be patient in this process as room change offers are given based on availability. Residents will receive updates on the status of their request.
  • If we can offer you a space, you will receive an email with the room offer to your WashU email account. Residents will be given the names and emails of any current occupant(s) of a space they are offered. It is highly encouraged students contact those residents prior to accepting or denying their room offer.
  • If we cannot offer you a new space that meets your needs, you will receive notification via email. Your request will remain open should a space become available.
  • Residents must respond with their acceptance or denial via email within two business days of receiving the room offer.
  • Those who accept a room offer will receive a final email confirming their room change and the date in which they can gain access to their new space.
  • If you deny a room offer, that request will be closed and another request must be submitted by the October 2, 2018 deadline.

How to Access the Room Change Request Form
Access the Room Change Request form by logging onto the WashU Housing Portal and selecting Request Forms from the top menu.

Screenshot of WashU housing portal menu

Choose Room Change from the drop down menu then click SAVE & CONTINUE.

Screenshot of Housing Portal drop-down

Make sure the correct housing contract term is on display then click CONTINUE.

Screenshot of Housing Portal Room Change Request Selection

The Room Change Request form will open on the following page. All fields on the request form are required. Click Submit Request at the bottom of the page once you have completed the form. You will receive a confirmation email when the form has been successfully submitted.

Screenshot of Room Change Request form

Screenshot of Room Change Form Submit

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to change rooms after the request form is closed?
Those wishing to request a room change after the request form has closed will be required to first meet with their RCD to discuss their desire to change rooms. The RCD will then communicate to the Residential Life Office their room change recommendation. All room changes will be made on a case by case basis.
Am I guaranteed a new space if I fill out the Room Change Request Form?
Those who request a room change are not guaranteed to receive a room offer. We can only reassign residents based on the spaces that we have available.
I have a vacancy in my room. Will I receive a random roommate?
Residents with a vacancy in their space may receive a roommate at any time. The residents who are assigned a new roommate will be notified no fewer than 24 hours prior to the new resident moving into the room.

*Residential Life reserves the right to assign any student to a vacant space without advanced notice in the event of an emergency.

What if I have a friend whom I want to room with me?
The resident who wishes to move will need to complete the Room Change Request form and indicate the specific room they are requesting to move into.
How do I switch rooms with another student?
In order to coordinate a room switch with another student, both students wishing to change rooms must complete the Room Change Request form.  They should indicate the specific room in which they wish to move and the person they hope to switch with.
If I switch to a room with a different cost, how will my billing be affected?
Your billing will be prorated to reflect the cost difference for each room based on the day access is granted to your new space. This will cause either an increase or decrease in housing costs and may result in a charge or credit on your account.

Example: If you move from a double to a single, you will be charged for the number of days you were in the double. Your billing will then be adjusted to reflect the remainder of the semester in the single, based on the first day you received access to the single room.

Can I request a single room?
Yes, however, single rooms are very limited and are often full for the entire academic year.
If I do not currently have any roommates, can I keep my room as a single?
If you are in a double or triple occupancy room with a vacancy, you cannot opt to keep your room as a single. The vacant space(s) may be assigned at any time. Residents in a room with a vacant space will be contacted through their WashU email account if another resident is offered that space.
How long do I have to accept a room switch offer?
All room change offers will be sent via email to your WashU email account. Residents will have two business days to accept or deny a room switch offer by responding via email. All responses must be sent by 5 p.m. Failure to respond to the room offer in two business days will result in your room offer being rescinded and the request voided.
What if I don’t accept my room offer?
If you do not accept your room offer, your request will be closed and you will remain in your current space. You may submit another request should you wish to continue to pursue a room change. Be sure to include specific information regarding the space you wish to be moved to.