Room Change Process

The Office of Residential Life allows students to request changes to their room assignment during the academic year. Requests will only be reviewed when there is available space and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In general, opportunities for room changes are very limited during the Fall semester.

The Room Change Request Form opens two weeks after Fall semester classes begin. 

  • To complete a room change during the Fall semester, you must have completed your room change prior to November 30
  • All room changes that are not completed prior to November 30 will be considered after the first two weeks of the Spring semester.

To access the Room Change Request Form:

  1. Log into the Housing Portal via WebSTAC
  2. Select the Request Forms tab
  3. Use the drop down menu to select Room Change

Room Change Process:

  1. Fill out the Room Change Request form on the Housing Portal.
  2. Contact your RCD by email to set up a meeting to discuss the reason for your request. 
  3. Following your meeting, your RCD will determine if your request will be approved. Determination of your approval status may not be made on the same day as your initial meeting.
    • All approved requests are pending available space. An approved request means we will try to find an open space that meets your preferences on a weekly basis. 
  4. If your request is not approved, you will remain in your current residential space and receive resources from your RCD on how to best navigate the situation. 

You must submit a room change request form and meet with your RCD before any room change request will be approved.

Residents who are approved for a room change with housing availability that meets their preferences can expect the following:

  • Notification via your WUSTL email that you are approved for a room change that will detail a a minimum of one (1) and a maximum of (3) available housing options. In most cases, only one option will be available.

Should you accept the room change offer, more instructions will be provided on how to transition to your new residential space. Should you not accept the room change offer, you will remain in your current residential space and receive resources for how to best navigate the situation. You will not be offered additional options and your request will be considered completed.

Residents who have an open space in their room should review the following:

  • Residential Life reserves the right to fill vacant spaces as needed and does not need permission to fill a vacant space. Should the current resident of a space not want a roommate and be responsible for creating a purposefully unwelcoming environment, the resident will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. One potential consequence for this behavior could be being released from their housing contract.
  • Residential Life will provide notification should a change occur, but will not require a meeting in order to fill a vacant space. 
  • Your residential space is now available to Residential Life to fill as needed. Keep all vacant spaces clear in the event that we will need to fill the space. 
  • Should a resident receive a new roommate, you will be required to complete a new living agreement prior to them moving into the space. 

Living Agreements

Living Agreements are a crucial piece of the residential experience at Washington University in St. Louis. Living Agreements help room and suites create strategies for communication, discuss their preferences for sharing a common living space, and negotiate common ground for living together in a space. When needed, you can access Living Agreements via the Housing Portal and clicking on the Living Agreement tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I guaranteed a new space if I fill out the Room Change Request Form?
Those who request a room change are not guaranteed to receive a room offer. We can only reassign residents based on the spaces that we have available.
I have a vacancy in my room. Will I receive a random roommate?
Residents with a vacancy in their space may receive a roommate at any time. The residents who are assigned a new roommate will be notified prior to the new resident moving into the room.

*Residential Life reserves the right to assign any student to a vacant space without advanced notice in the event of an emergency.

What if I have a friend whom I want to room with me?
The resident who wishes to move will need to complete the Room Change Request form and indicate the specific room they are requesting to move into.
How do I switch rooms with another student?
In order to coordinate a room switch with another student, both students wishing to change rooms must complete the Room Change Request form.  They should indicate the specific room in which they wish to move and the person they hope to switch with.
If I switch to a room with a different cost, how will my billing be affected?
Your billing will be prorated to reflect the cost difference for each room based on the day access is granted to your new space. This will cause either an increase or decrease in housing costs and may result in a charge or credit on your account.

Example: If you move from a double to a single, you will be charged for the number of days you were in the double. Your billing will then be adjusted to reflect the remainder of the semester in the single, based on the first day you received access to the single room.

Can I request a single room?
Yes, however, single rooms are very limited and are often full for the entire academic year.
If I do not currently have any roommates, can I keep my room as a single?
If you are in a double or triple occupancy room with a vacancy, you cannot opt to keep your room as a single. The vacant space(s) may be assigned at any time. Residents in a room with a vacant space will be contacted through their WashU email account if another resident is offered that space.
What if I don’t accept my room offer?
If you do not accept your room offer, your request will be closed and you will remain in your current space. You may submit another request should you wish to continue to pursue a room change. Be sure to include specific information regarding the space you wish to be moved to.