Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities are themed-based communities that intentionally place students into a community where living, learning, and leading is dynamic and constant. The Living Learning Community is experienced through programs and activities planned by RAs, Faculty, and particularly, residents on these floors. This experience is Residential Life’s opportunity to continue to provide intentional support and programming more tailored to you and your interest.

Sophomore students participating in this process will be placed in modern, 4-person single suites. Juniors and Seniors participating in this process housing placement will vary among our Residential Life managed housing options.

Eligibility for Living Learning Communities: students participating in the Living Learning Community process must be continuing students who currently live within Residential Life.

Read below for information about your living learning community options this year.

LLC Application Timeline

LLC Applications Open: December 1, 2019

LLC Applications Close: January 20, 2020

Interview Weekend: 

  • Saturday, January 25
  • Sunday, January 26

*Please note that Group Formation for Res College Round will close February 7, 2020.

LLC Application Process

  1. Attend an LLC information Session (not mandatory)
  2. Complete your written application
    • Design Your Own LLC
    • Hamsini
    • Women in STEM
  3. Attend interview weekend on the dates above (mandatory)
    • This step is for students applying to Hamsini, Women in STEM, and Design Your Own LLC’s. Please come prepared to also list housing preferences for Design Your Own.
  4. Housing placement notification
    • Residential Life will release approvals and placements for Design Your Own at a date soon to be specified.
    • Hamsini and Women in STEM will be notified of placements at a date soon to be specified.
  5. Accept your offer! 
    • By participating in this process, you are committing to living in a Living Learning Community if accepted and assigned. If you choose to deny your acceptance, you will be placed administratively by our department and not eligible to participate in Round 1 or Round 2 of Housing Selection.

LLC Information Sessions

December 3, 2019 @ 9:00PM

Siegle L002

December 4, 2019 @ 9:00PM

Wrighton 300

January 15, 2020 @ 9:00PM

Simon Hall, Simon Room 1

January 16, 2020 @ 8:00PM


Complete LLC Application Here

If you have any questions about the LLC Application process, please email

Design Your Own Living Learning Community

Community Overview

Design Your Own LLC formerly known as The Village BLOCs was originated from the goal of students working together to create a community based on a common interest, theme, and goals. Previous BLOCs include the Sports and Nutrition BLOC, Women in Mathematics BLOC, The Board Game BLOC and many more. Placed in Village House and Lopata House, student form their own communities and share a common space to support their learning self-created learning goals through programming efforts. Design Your Own LLC will follow suit in allowing students to take ownership and collaborate to create their own community.

Program Experience & Member Expectations

  • Comprised of 4–16 students grouped to live together based on a shared theme
  • The group will collaborate to create and enact a vision statement and learning goals surrounding the shared theme.
  • The group with create at least 2-3 programmatic opportunities to meet their learning goals.
  • Students identify a designated Student LLC Agent and Faculty or Staff LLC Mentor
  • Attend a minimum of one LLC meetings per semester for brainstorming and event planning.
  • Communicate in a timely manner with LLC Agent and Residential Community Director and other Residential Life Staff including Graduate Fellow and Resident Advisor.
  • Serve as responsible stewards of LLC resources including common rooms and programming funds
  • Attend LLC events and engage with the LLC community
  • Support the LLC Agent by assisting in planning events
  • Attend LLC training held before classes begin fall semester

LLC Agent Role

  • Make LLC events known to Village staff and Faculty Adviser.
  • Make certain LLC events are recorded using the LLC program proposal and evaluation forms (agents may delegate this task).
  • Coordinate purchasing.
  • Organize one LLC meeting at the beginning of the semester (and as needed).
  • Attend monthly LLC agent meetings (approximately one hour in length).
  • Meet with the GF/RCD on a bi-weekly basis (approximately half an hour in length).
  • Communicate with the GF/RCD regarding issues or challenges the LLC Is facing.
  • Communicate Residential Life Staff expectations to LLC members.

LLC Faculty/Staff Role

  • A Washington University Faculty or Staff Member
  • Understand BLOC vision and help guide BLOC members to further learning and explore the BLOC vision
  • Communicate often with BLOC Agent, at least once per month
  • Attend BLOC Events when able
  • Serve as a campus resource and mentor in regards to the BLOC Vision and events
  • Meet with student BLOC Agent(s) once during the first 2 weeks of class, or attend BLOC training
  • Time commitment is typically 1-2 hours per month

Contact Information

  • Residential Community Director: Melanie Cassidy

hamsini Living Learning Community

Community Overview

The Hamsini Living Learning Community, originated as a student-led initiative, is a community designed to enhance the college experience for students who are a part of or interested in exploring matters related to the African Diaspora and being Black at Washington University in St. Louis. A team that includes a live-in resident advisor, a faculty associate and two student affairs advisors provides resources and support for residents’ social and academic interests and needs. Academic partnerships, programs, community projects, and resources encourage education, solidarity and community among Black students and Hamsini residents of all backgrounds, cultivating a broader understanding of social issues. Residents and other university community members discuss issues related to the African Diaspora in the University community, the St. Louis region, the country, and the world. This LLC offers residents an extended network of opportunities including connecting with faculty, staff, alumni and peers, as well as engaging in programs that focus on cultural awareness, academic success and civic engagement.

Community History

In 1968, the Association of Black Collegians at Washington University led a series of actions to improve the experience of Black students on campus. . Their requests included demands for dedicated space for Black students on campus and assistance related to campus housing.   In spring 2018 this group of Washington University alumni received the Center for Diversity and Inclusion’s Trailblazers award for their collective advocacy on behalf of Black students so many decades ago. Also in 2018, the Division of Student Affairs partnered with students to create a new LLC beginning fall 2018.  In recognition of the vision set forth 50 years ago by the Association of Black Collegians, this LLC was named Hamsini, which means “50” in Swahili.

Program Experience

  • Monthly community dinners organized by the resident advisor, faculty associate and advisors
  • Regularly scheduled community meetings organized by the resident advisor
  • Featured speakers that include faculty, administrators, students and community leaders
  • Fall and Spring Open Houses
  • Hamsini Spring 2020 retreat
  • Partnerships with the Department of African and African American Studies in Arts & Sciences.

Program Member Requirements and Living Agreement

  • Attend monthly “Sunday dinners”
  • Attend a Fall Retreat
  • Attend 3 HLLC events each semester outside of the “Sunday dinners”
  • Serve on an HLLC Committee (Education, Solidarity, Community)

Contact Information
  • Residential Advisor (RA): Camille Benson
  • Faculty Associate: Dr. Darrell Hudson, Associate Professor Brown School
  • Student Affairs Advisor: Jordan Cooper, Residential College Director
  • Student Affairs Advisor: Hope Young, Campus Life Program Coordinator
  • Residential Community Director: Melanie Cassidy

Women in STEM Living Learning Community

Community overview

The Women in STEM Living Learning Community at Washington University offers a supportive and engaging living space for students pursuing a degree in science, technology, engineering, and math as well as connections with faculty through community dinners, events, and educational opportunities. Members will live in two apartments in Millbrook to create an encouraging environment surrounded by students who understand the rigors of a STEM program as well as mentorship opportunities for others in their programs. This is the first year that the Women in STEM LLC is being formally offered so students can provide foundational insight into how the LLC can best fit their needs.  This LLC is limited to 16 students.

Program Member Requirements & Living Agreement

To be a member of the Women in STEM Living Learning Community, students will:

  • Live in one of the two designated apartments in Millbrook during the 2019-2020 academic year.
  • Demonstrate an interest in one of the STEM fields: science, technology, engineering, or math. While it is not necessary to have a major in one of those fields, each member must have demonstrated an interest on one these fields.
  • Attend a fall retreat.
  • Attend monthly program hosted by the LLC with faculty or community professionals
  • Attend 3 Women in STEM events each semester outside of the monthly program that could include dinners, speakers, events, or educational opportunities.

Contact Information

  • Professor Barbara Baumgartner
  • Dean Jill Stratton
  • Residential Community Director: Melanie Cassidy

Sustainability STL is a NEW Living Learning Community centered around sustainable living and awareness. This is an opportunity for students to hone in on and maintain sustainable practices that they already implement in their daily lives. Throughout their time in this LLC, participants will embark on a series of immersive excursions within the St. Louis community. They will learn about how various organizations help progress St. Louis forward, keeping sustainability at the forefront.

Primary Contacts

Melanie CassidyMelanie Cassidy

The Village Residential Community Director


Contact Melanie by email

Jordan CooperJordan Cooper

Apartments South Residential Community Director


Contact Jordan by email