One of the most underrated parts of the WashU experience is St. Louis itself. Find new neighborhoods, events or just places to eat off campus.

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Contact Residential Life

Contact Residential Life with any questions, comments or concerns.

Bear Adventures Trips

Bear Adventures gives WashU students the opportunity to get off campus and experience some of the best attractions in the St. Louis region.

Community Resources Guide

Resources to help students from underrepresented and/or marginalized populations have the information they need to acclimate to WashU and the St. Louis area.

Equity in St. Louis Self-Study Guide

Educational self-study guide of videos, publications, WashU courses and additional resources to enhance inclusive communities and conversations.

Everyday Living

Get tips about banking, restaurants and other parts of daily life in the St. Louis area.

Explore St. Louis

Take a custom tour of your new hometown from attractions to restaurants and everything in between.

Gateway Arch National Park and Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

Visit the unique, St. Louis Arch, the "Gateway to the West" and tour the newly re-imagined museum and grounds.

Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement

The Gephardt Institute fosters a vibrant culture of civic engagement throughout WashU, realized by engaged citizens, scholarship and partnerships that advance the collective good.

Getting Around St. Louis with WashU Transportation Options

Check out the options for using WashU's transportation services. You can get around campus, around town and across the city.