Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

Map of gender-inclusive restrooms on the Danforth Campus (PDF)

Main Campus Residential Areas
Alumni House: 1st floor (Note: access limited to students and official guests)
Anheuser-Busch Hall: 1st floor Beaumont House: lower level
Bauer Hall: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd floors
Blewett Hall: 1st floor
Dardick House: 1st floor
Dauten House: 1st floor
Brauer Hall: 2nd floor Eliot B House: lower level
Busch Hall: lower level Gregg House: 1st floor
Compton Hall: lower level Hitzeman House: lower level
Crow Hall: 3rd floor Hurd House: lower level
Cupples II: lower level Koenig House: lower level
Danforth University Center (DUC): 2nd floor Lee House: 1st floor
Duncker Hall: lower level Lien House: 1st floor
Hillman Hall: every floor Liggett House: 1st floor
Karl Umrath Hall: lower level Millbrook Apartment 1: lower level
Life Sciences: 1st floor
McMillan Hall: lower level, 1st & 2nd floors
Millbrook Apartment 4: lower level
Mudd House: lower level
Monsanto: lower level & 5th floor Myers House: lower level & 1st floor
Olin Library: 2nd floor Nemerov House: 1st floor
Power House: 1st & 2nd floor Park House: lower level
Rebstock Hall: 1st floor Rutledge House: lower level
Rudolph Hall: lower level Shanedling House: lower level
Seigle Hall: lower level
Simon Hall: 1st floor
South 40 House: 2nd floor
South 40 House II: lower level (open to public)
Somers Family Hall: 2nd floor, across from room 250 South 40 House: 2nd floor
South 40 House II: lower level (open to public)
Steinberg: 1st floor
Stix House: 1st floor
Thomas Eliot House: lower level
Umrath House: lower level
Tietjens Hall: 1st floor Village East: lower level
Whitaker Hall: 1st floor
Women’s Building: lower level & 3rd floor

(Updated December, 2022)