Finding a Student Group Advisor

A vital part of Campus Life’s mission is to provide advising to student groups. We do this by serving as primary advisors for many groups, through our Campus Life Advising team, and supporting student groups find other staff and faculty interested in serving a student group advisors.

What is the role of a student group advisor?

  • Be familiar with the student group mission, purpose, history, and constitution
  • Set clear and mutual advisor expectations
  • Be familiar with relevant University policies, procedures, and resources
  • Use questions and feedback to challenge and support group development
  • Ensure that group is inclusive and respectful of all communities
  • Encourage accountability amongst the group
  • Advocate for and support the group when appropriate

When should my group have an advisor?

Campus Life is committed to providing accessible and personalized advising for all student groups. In an effort to maximize advising support and respond directly to the unique needs of every student group some students are required to have an advisor while others are encouraged. Factors that could require a student group include:

  • Number of and size of programs
  • High-risk activities
  • Financial considerations
  • Interaction with the St. Louis community
  • Impact on the WashU community

How do I find an advisor?

Need support to find an advisor for your student group? Please check out the following steps so that we can support your student group in navigating an advisor.

Prior to meeting with a Campus Life Advisor, to find your student group advisor, please have your group do the following:

  1. Develop a profile of what a successful advisor looks like for your student group. This includes areas of study, location on campus, experience, etc.
  2. Identify what you need from your advisor to be successful.  Review a list of roles/responsibilities an advisor can support your student group.
  3. Develop a list of advisor options your student group knows across campus that you can connect with. Rule of thumb, every member should have at least one option.
  4. Meet with the individuals on the list, in person, to talk about the opportunity to advise your student group.
  5. Should you not receive a communication response back, we encourage you to attempt to connect with the person at least three different communication paths before moving forward.
  6. For those unable to commit to this capacity, have you asked them who they believe would be a person you should follow up with regarding this opportunity? For those individuals, review your advisor profile and schedule a meeting, in person. 

After you have exhausted the above channels, if you are unable to locate an advisor, please contact a Campus Life Advisor to set up a time to meet.

For questions please contact Campus Life at 314-935-3443

Please bring your profile of an advisor, list of prospective advisors and meeting notes with you during our meeting so that we ensure a stronger partnership and not ask prospective advisors you have already asked.  

What resources do we have to partner with our student group advisor?

For support, please contact please contact Campus Life at 314-935-3443.