Faculty Involvement in Residential Life

The Faculty Associate/Fellows Program emerged in response to the realization that there was a growing gap between faculty members and undergraduate students at Washington University.

In addition, many faculty members wished to extend their interaction with students outside the academic realm. Today, many campuses across the nation have well-developed faculty/student interaction programs (e.g., Stanford, Georgetown, UCLA, Elon, etc.).

The faculty members involved in the Faculty Associates/Fellows Program are volunteers. By participating in the program, both faculty and students gain a better understanding of the rich lives we lead outside of the classroom. In turn, faculty help improve the undergraduate experience of their students, while students increase the number of quality interactions with faculty outside of academics.

Dr. Brian Carpenter (Former Faculty Fellow in the Village and Professor of Psychology) reports, “Before living on campus, I knew students from the brain up.  I knew in the classroom.  After serving as a Faculty Fellow, I now know the hearts and souls of the students.  It has changed the way I teach and advise.”

Past Faculty Programs

  • Picnic with Balloon Glow
  • Meet St. Louis Experience
  • Sunday Night Dinners
  • Apple or Pumpkin Picking at Eckert’s Farm
  • Time Management 101 Workshop
  • Tuesday Teas @ 3pm in the DUC
  • Movie Night
  • Debate Viewing Party
  • Super Bowl Viewing Party
  • Cooking Class in Bear’s Den
  • Pumpkin Carving
  • Trivia Night
  • Ice Skating in Forest Park
  • How to Survive College Panel
  • Dinner and Current Affairs or Movie Discussion
  • City Museum
  • Float/Raft trip
  • Cookie Decorating
  • Study Break on the Floor with pets and/or family
  • Museum Trips – the History Museum, SLAM, or Kemper
  • See a show at a local theater directed by a PAD professor
  • Trip to the Zoo
  • Botanical Gardens Trip