The Danforth University Center encourages all student organizations and university departments to use DUCTV to advertise events and activities to the Washington University in St. Louis community.

DUCTV Screen Locations

  • North Lobby- First Floor
  • Northeast Corner- First Floor
  • Tisch Commons Information Desk- First Floor
  • Millstone Visitors Lounge- First Floor
  • South Elevator- Second Floor
  • South Lobby- First Floor
  • Fun Room- Second Floor

How to Create Advertising for DUCTV

  1. Save your slide in a .JPG, .PNG or PDF file to advertise your event or activity. Limit your document to one slide per event/announcement. Slides must be at sized at 16×9/widescreen aspect ratio (1920 x 1080 pixels recommended) or a resolution of at least 72 dpi, but not more than 150 dpi. If the sponsoring organization is Student Union-recognized, the Student Union logo must be incorporated into the advertisement. The lower right corner of your submission will be partially covered by the DUC logo. Please refer to this guide when designing your submission:
  2. Submit your request via the form at https://washucampuslife.typeform.com/to/fEj79u. All ads will run for a maximum of two weeks and will be set to run for the two-week period before the event date unless otherwise noted. Ads for events will stop running when the event concludes.
  3. All slides will be posted on the general forum screens.

Terms and Conditions

Advertisements intended to sell products or services are not allowed unless in support of a student organization or university fundraiser. Advertisement contents must comply with the Student Involvement and Leadership posting policies (PDF).

The university reserves the right not to post material which it deems unsuitable or not in alignment with its mission.

Additional Questions?

Please contact the DUC Student Assistant Marketing team