Diversity Dictionary

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In order to best facilitate dialogue, it is important to share a common language of social justice terms.

Disability in Education Self-Study Guide

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Click on the links below to learn more about the role of disability in education. Topics include ableism, accessibility disability, and disability in school (social pressures, accommodations, etc.), confidence in […]

Disability Justice Self-Study Guide

Disability Justice

Click on the links below to explore concepts of disability justice and accessibility. Topics include physical, cognitive, intellectual, and mental disabilities; accessibility, broadly defined; ableism in education; and intersections of […]

Fat Liberation Self-Study Guide

Fat Liberation

Click on the links below to explore concepts of F/fat liberation. Topics include anti-fat bias, weight stigma, F/fat liberation, and healthism. Content Warning: Mentions the Transatlantic slave trade, race pseudo-science […]

Sharon Chapman

Sharon Chapman

Sharon is responsible for supporting the OISS and Center for Diversity in Inclusion for purchasing, supplies, mailing and other general office support.