Center for Diversity and Inclusion Announces New Offices

Effective August 2023, The Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) within WashU’s Division of Student Affairs has a new structure.

Mark Kamimura-Jiménez, associate vice chancellor for student affairs, believes this restructure will provide WashU students with a space and set of resources to help validate their lived experiences.

“This structure allows us to create a stronger collection of spaces for students to engage with their identities, to learn about cultures and the importance of connecting within them, and to gain the tools and knowledge necessary to develop a sense of self that supports a student’s progress through WashU,” explained Kamimura-Jiménez.

In addition to Dialogue Across Difference (DxD) and the Office for Religious, Spiritual and Ethical Life (ORSEL), the new offices within the CDI will include the Office for International Student Engagement (OISE), Cross Cultural Connections (CCxN), and Spectrum.

All five offices within the CDI and their directors are:

Office for International Student Engagement (OISE)

OISE designs educational programs to connect international students to the United States and the St. Louis region, creates campus opportunities to expand the U.S. based networks of students and fosters WashU peer student relationships.

The OISE is led by director Evelyn Real.

Cross Cultural Connections (CCxN)

CCxN will design educational programs related to race and ethnic identity, including cultural/heritage months, weeks and holidays.

The search for the CCxN director is currently underway.

Spectrum Office (Spectrum)

Spectrum designs educational programming that supports the LGBTQIA+ community, including recognition of various months, weeks and days designated for identities.

Nat Hilterbrand serves as the director of Spectrum.

Office for Religious, Spiritual and Ethical Life (ORSEL)

The Office for Religious, Spiritual & Ethical Life serves students of any/no religious or philosophical background through connections to communities, support for religious/spiritual practices, increasing interfaith understanding and offering spiritual support.

Since the fall 2019 academic year, ORSEL has been led by The Reverend, Callista Isabelle.

Dialogue Across Difference (DxD)

Dialogue Across Difference fosters communication and collaboration across
sociocultural differences in the WashU community, including engaging across
differences in identities and perspectives through dialogue and fostering healthy
relationships through effective communication. DxD is a one-credit hour, eight-week course available to all students.

DxD has been led by Dr. Jacob Chacko since January 2023. In addition to his role as director for Dialogue Across Difference, Chacko has recently been promoted to executive director of the CDI.

WashU students can visit the CDI, located in the Danforth University Center (DUC), suite 150, during regularly scheduled DUC hours. See more on DUC hours. To connect with the staff, please contact us.