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Danny Pape

I bring a plethora of career center experience through being a career counselor, career coach, employer relations leader, and managing director over my career. I have an amazing spouse, daughter, […]

James Bernhardt, MPH, MBA

My academic background includes undergraduate coursework in Psychology and Bioscience. I earned my MPH from the University of Washington and MBA from the University of Missouri – St. Louis. I […]

Cynthia Bowdry

Fulfilling my role as a Career Adviser is striving to meet students where they are in the most effective way. I strive to help students reach desirable and favorable outcomes […]

Molly Burkot

I started my career as an Admissions Counselor at Washington University School of Law. I then took a position at a well-known recruiting firm to further my breadth of experience […]

Michael Chapin, MS, MEd

I am an Assistant Director of Career Development who specializes in Management Consulting. I counsel all levels of students and alumni in their career development needs. I also manage key […]

Susan Craig, MA, MPA

I have policy and political experience both in DC and beyond. I’ve been an intelligence analyst for the US Government as well as a fundraiser for the Democratic Party. I […]

Roy Ferguson

I’m a Wash U alumnus with a Masters in Computer Science (’90).  I have spent most of my career in software engineering. Additionally, I founded a successful Software-as-a-Service company and […]

Jennifer Finney, LPC, MEd

As a career adviser, I work with engineering students, both undergraduate and graduate. I also work with students interested in sustainability, counseling / licensure, and students wanting to working outside […]