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Mark Smith, JD

Career Advising Focus Areas: Alumni, Government, Law, Law School, Public Policy I started out in law, and even tried a run in politics. However, I quickly realized that, as a career […]

Sherrie Aach

Industries and Focus Areas: Advertising, Public Relations, Strategic Communications, Technology, Telecommunications Career Interest Group: Strategic Communications (StratCom) For the past 11 years my focus has been helping companies find top […]

Jim Beirne

Career Advising Focus Areas: International Business, Consumer Products, Consulting, Graduate School (MBA Programs), Human Resources and Marketing / Brand Management. Special focus: Latin America. I enjoy being a career adviser to […]

Molly Burkot

Industries and Focus Areas: Advocacy, Architecture, Design Internship Network, Finance & Banking, Government, Investment Banking, Lobbying, Think Tank & NGO Career Interest Group: Finance, Government & Public Policy I started my […]

Kelly R. Cannon

Contact Kelly for general Employer Relations inquiries, recruitment, internship and job postings. Provides notary services for students and staff.

Michael Chapin, MS, MEd

Career Advising Focus Areas: Consulting, Construction, Education, Graduate School, Management, Human Resources, Manufacturing & Operations, Organizational Development, Sales and Sports. Career Interest Group: Consulting Before becoming a career adviser, I worked in […]

Susan Craig, MA, MPA

Career Advising Focus Areas: Advocacy, Government, Intelligence, International Affairs, Lobbying, Mid-career Transitions, Military, National Security, Politics, Public Policy and Think Tanks. Career Interest Group: GPP I have worked in politics and government […]

Jennifer Finney, MEd

Career Advising Focus Areas: Aerospace, Biotech, Consumer Products, Energy/Utilities, Engineering, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Product Management, Sustainability, Technology and Working Abroad. Career Interest Group: Engineering After graduating from WashU with […]