BareMail: free safer sex supplies for students

Bare Mail flyer

BareMail is WashU’s safer sex supply and sexual health information mail-delivery program for current Danforth Campus students. Managed by health promotion staff at the Habif Health and Wellness Center, BareMail increases WashU students’ use of evidence-based sexual health resources, including safer sex supplies. Each envelope includes information about sexual health programs and services intended to increase students’ pleasure and decrease their risk for unplanned pregnancy, infection transmission, and sex without consent.


Fill out this request form and you will receive a discreet envelope delivered to your mailbox.


BareMail is confidential. We need your name for the discreet envelope, your WashU ID to confirm your student status, and your email in case we need to contact you. This information will only be seen by health promotion staff.


BareMail is cost-free (funded in part by a grant from the Women’s Society of Washington University) but supplies are limited. We do our best to fill one order per student per semester. We encourage you to obtain safer sex supplies elsewhere in addition to those you request via BareMail. The Women’s Society’s Bear Necessities shop on Shepley Drive sells condoms and plans to sell other safer sex supplies spring 2021.


BareMail is reliable. Your supplies will be fresh when we mail them, but we encourage you to always check expiration dates before using them.


With the help of WashU Mail Services, we send BareMail to Campus Mail or US Mail addresses. We fill orders as quickly as we can, and will notify you when yours is sent, but cannot guarantee when it will arrive.

Send a message with any questions or concerns.