Apply to Work With Campus Life

Are you looking for a fun way to get involved on campus and make some money?

Apply to work with Campus Life!

Applications for Fall 2022 will close Sunday, March 27 at midnight.

Available positions include:

Danforth University Center Student Assistants (DUCSAs)

DUCSAs will be hired to staff the Tisch Commons information desk or the Campus Life Fun Room.

Students interested in working as a DUCSA must be customer service-minded, be an adaptable problem solver in an often fast-moving environment, and be responsible for working a minimum of six hours per week.

Download full Tisch Desk DUCSA Job Description (PDF)

Download full Fun Room DUCSA Job Description (PDF)

LEAD Project students

LEAD Project students will serve as a first point of contact for students inquiring about ways to get involved on campus. They will also be instrumental in the programming and marketing associated with Campus Life

Download full LEAD Project Job Description (PDF)

Event Assistants

Students interested in working as an event assistant will serve as a
first point of contact for students, faculty, and staff hosting events
in premier and standard spaces across campus. Students must be
dependable, professional, and able to think quickly to solve problems.

Download full Campus Life Event Assistant Job Description (PDF)

For more information

Call 314-935-3443.