WashU Recovery Group

Due to COVID 19 Restrictions, all alcohol and/or other drug related meetings, programs, and activities will be held virtually until further notice. Send questions and get more information.

The WashU Recovery Group provides a safe place for students in recovery to connect with others with similar experiences on campus.

The group provides local resources, support, meetings, and activities. The group is not a recovery program, but is a resource that students can add to their support system while attending the university.

What can I expect?

  • Judgement-free environment
  • Supportive staff and group members
  • Optional weekly on-campus meetings (Not 12-step)
  • Access to a private space dedicated to the group 24/7
  • Fun, substance-free social activities
  • Resources on and off campus

Why is a recovery group important to the WashU Community?

  • WashU is home to students in recovery from substance use.
  • Approximately 315,000 college students across the nation are seeking help for substance dependency.
  • Collegiate Recovery Communities (CRCs) help fill the gap in the recovery journey by supporting students so that they can maintain their recovery while pursuing their academic goals.
  • WashU is not alone; more than 150 universities in the U.S. have established programs.
  • Students active in CRCs have higher grade point averages, rates of retention and graduation.
  • CRCs provide a community of support in what can feel like an”abstinence-hostile” environment.

To learn more or to join the group:
Contact Amanda Harmel
Contact Amanda by email

Substance Use Recovery Meetings Near WashU

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