WashU Recovery Group

The WashU Recovery Group provides a safe place for students in (or curious about) recovery from substance use to connect and support one another.

Are you struggling with alcohol and / or other drugs? Are you curious about recovery from substance use? Come explore the student-led WashU Recovery Group, where we come together to support each other in a private and cooperative environment. Many of us are in recovery and some of us are simply curious about recovery. If you have made it to this website, chances are you could benefit from our group. Come talk it out with students like you.

The WashU Recovery Group meets on campus on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. If you are interested in joining, please email Recovery@wustl.edu.

The group provides local resources, support, meetings, and activities. The group is not a recovery program, but is a resource that students can add to their support system while attending the university.

What can I expect?

  • Judgment-free environment
  • Supportive group members
  • Optional weekly on-campus meetings (Not 12-step)
  • Access to a private space dedicated to the group
  • Fun, substance-free social activities
  • Group support between meetings and resources from Habif health promotion staff

Why is a recovery group important to the WashU Community?

  • WashU is home to students in recovery from substance use.
  • Approximately 315,000 college students across the nation are seeking help for substance dependency.
  • Collegiate Recovery Communities (CRCs) help fill the gap in the recovery journey by supporting students so that they can maintain their recovery while pursuing their academic goals.
  • WashU is not alone; more than 150 universities in the U.S. have established programs.
  • Students active in CRCs have higher grade point averages, rates of retention and graduation.
  • CRCs provide a community of support in what can feel like an”abstinence-hostile” environment.

Learn more or to join the group.

Looking for a recovery meeting near WashU? Check the below links.

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