Undergraduate Representative to the Board of Trustees

Application deadline: extended to March 14, 2021

The Washington University Board of Trustees recognizes the significance of having the participation of the university’s undergraduate and graduate students in the governance process in a way that student experience, views, interest, and concerns can be effectively communicated to the Board.

More Information about Undergraduate Student Representatives to the Board of Trustees

Applications are accepted each spring for the two positions for non-voting undergraduate student representatives to the Washington University Board of Trustees. The Undergraduate Representative position provides a distinctive and significant opportunity for direct student participation in the governance of the university. The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs facilitates the annual selection process for new undergraduate student representatives to the WashU Board of Trustees. Representatives are appointed to a one-year term and actively participate in meetings and other board-related events.


  • Students must be enrolled in, regularly attending, and complete at least twelve (12) undergraduate credit hours for the semester in which they are an applicant, as well as during their one year term as an Undergraduate Representative.
  • Students must be able to complete a full year (fall and spring semesters) as a full time enrolled student during their term.
  • Students must be in good academic standing, not be on academic probation or warning and have completed their first year at WashU in good academic standing.
  • Be approved through the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards’ conduct review process and not be found responsible for one or any combination of the following violations within the past two semesters:
    • Drugs (possession, use, distribution)
    • Repeated Alcohol policy violations
    • Usage and/or possession of false identification – three or more instances
    • Vandalism
  • In addition, the student must not be found responsible for any of the following violations during their tenure at the University:
    • Repeated violations of Academic Integrity policies
    • Assault and/or other issues of violence

In general, it is important the student representative have knowledge of the undergraduate experience at Washington University, be articulate, be able to present a variety of opinions, have sound judgment, maintain confidentiality, and hold the respect of peers, faculty, and of others in the community. The student representative should also be willing to maintain close communication with the undergraduate community.

Other Representatives to the Board of Trustees

There are also two graduate students, two faculty and two alumni representatives.

Responsibilities of the Undergraduate Student Representatives to the Board

  • Attendance and participation in the four (4) quarterly meetings of the Board and all special meetings as needed each year.
  • Preparation for the meetings by reading prepared material with care so that they can discuss, modify, and make recommendations on proposed resolutions.
  • Meet appropriately with the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.
  • When appropriate, express to the Board your own views on issues and, if possible, representation of the views of other students.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Serve as a liaison to keep channels of communication open between the chancellor and students.
  • The new term of the Undergraduate Student Representative will begin at the October Board Meeting and shall end at the next May Board Meeting.

Undergraduate Representative Selection Committee

Rob Wild, Ph.D.
Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Chair

Anthony Azama
John M. Schael Director of Athletics

Kirk Dougher, Ph.D.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs for Student Support and Wellness

Robyn Hadley
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs & Dean of the Office of Scholar Programs

Leslie Heusted
Executive Director, Campus Life

Mark Kamimura-Jimenez, Ph.D.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs & Dean for the Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Kawanna Leggett
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Christie Livingston
Business Manager for Student Affairs

Mark Smith, J.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs & Dean of Career Services

Anthony Tillman
Assistant Provost for Student Success

Current Student Representatives, as well as several other student volunteers, also participate in the section process.

Application Process

Complete all sections of your portion of the online application and submit by the extended deadline on March 14, 2021. Keep in mind, all materials are due on March 14 (extended deadline). You will be required to complete your part of the application in one sitting; you cannot save and come back to it.

Applicants are required to submit a one page resume and submit two recommendations.  Your recommendations can be from a staff or faculty member or another student of the Washington University Community. You should select recommenders who are familiar with your academic record and leadership activities. Members of the Undergraduate Selection Committee are not eligible to write recommendations.

It is your responsibility to check that your application file is complete. You may contact Kathy Lewis for that information.  Your file should contain the completed online application form, your one-page resume, your essay responses and identification of your recommenders.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The date for interviews by the selection committee for semi-finalists will be determined.

If you have questions about the student representative position, please contact Kathy Lewis.

Note: Students chosen to be Undergraduate Representatives to the Board of Trustees will receive the meeting dates for the upcoming academic year. However, the board normally meets quarterly in October, December, March and May.