Suicide Prevention Training

Washington University coming together to care for one another

Suicide prevention training:

  • Encourages the community to take an active role in creating a healthy and safe campus for everyone
  • Increases awareness of warning signs of suicide
  • Reduces stigma about mental health
  • Empowers people to get help for someone in crisis

Evidence-Based Trainings

Washington University offers two free evidence-based trainings, QPR and Kognito, for faculty, staff, and students. QPR and Kognito are both offered as online training. QPR is also available as an in-person training for groups. Please complete this form to schedule an in-person QPR training for your group.

Or you can sign up for a regularly scheduled, in-person QPR training session.

Questions? Email the Health Promotion team.

To access and complete the online trainings, see below.

QPR Online Gatekeeper Training for Faculty, Staff and Students

Key components covered in the training

  • How to Question, Persuade and Refer someone who may be suicidal
  • How to get help for yourself or learn more about preventing suicide
  • The common causes of suicidal behavior
  • The warning signs of suicide
  • How to get help for someone in crisis

Instructions for QPR Online training (45 minutes)

  1. Navigate to the QPR Institute
  2. Enter the organization code WUSTL
  3. Select Create Account
  4. Complete and submit registration form
  5. QPR will display and email the newly created Username and Password.
  6. Log in to begin training at The QPR Institute’s Gatekeeper Training

Contact QPR for technical support.

Kognito Online Training for Faculty, Staff and Students

With Kognito you learn how to best support a student or peer struggling with mental health. Kognito’s online interactive training will help build your awareness, knowledge, skills and confidence talking about mental health concerns and how to direct students toward resources on campus.

For Faculty and Staff – 45-min. training

Learn the signs of psychological distress, practice talking with 3 unique virtual students, and learn techniques for referring them to counseling services.

For students – 30-min. training

Learn signs of psychological distress, effective techniques in approaching a peer who has shown signs of distress, and through a simulation learn how to check-in with a friend, educate them about available support services and encourage them to get a consultation.

Instructions for Kognito online training

  1. Visit Kognito for Washington University
  2. Click on Create an Account (Returning users can enter their login credentials)
  3. Complete registration by agreeing to the “Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy”
  4. After registration is completed, users will login with their credentials and answer the demographic questions
  5. Select Launch to begin your Kognito simulation

Note: To complete your training, please finish all required simulation content and using the orange next button, complete the post-survey.  Once completed, you will see a green button on your home screen that says Completed.

Contact Kognito for technical support.

Mental Health resources for students

Mental Health resources for faculty and staff