Student Employment with Disability Resources

Are you interested in a job on campus? Disability Resources has numerous opportunities for dependable and detail-oriented students.

Become a Peer Note Taker

At times, disabled students may require copies of peer notes to supplement their own activity. A Note Taker provides their notes to assist student(s) with documented needs.
Note Taker responsibilities include:

  • Provide notes in a timely manner for their assigned courses (generally within 2-3 days).
      • Done through Access WashU Note Taker Portal.
      • Must be submitted in advance of quizzes, exams, or other time-sensitive needs.
  • Offer legible work–whether typed or handwritten. While typing is often preferred, it is not mandatory.
  • Attend all classes during the semester. When an absence cannot be avoided, it is the Note Taker’s responsibility to find a suitable replacement.
  • Respect student privacy. Though a Note Taker generally is not notified of the specific student for whom they are providing notes, at times this occurs. In such situations, it is imperative a Note Taker understand this information should be treated as confidential and not share it with anyone—including friends, classmates, etc.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic performance in the class.

Peer Note Taker Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be in good academic standing
  • Must be enrolled in the course(s) for which a note taking accommodation is necessary.
  • Must be eligible to work in U.S., and be able to provide necessary hiring documentation.

Application Process

To indicate your interest in working as a Note Taker:

  • Login to Access WashU using your WUSTL key and password
  • Select the “Notetaker” tab at the top of the page
  • Enter your course registration numbers indicating the classes for which you are interested in notetaking (you can find your course registration numbers on WebStac)
    • When entering your course information, you will need to type the beginning letter twice, then the rest of the number without spaces
      • If the class is listed as L33 358 01, you will need to enter it as LL3335801

Access WashU

If you have any questions about the note-taking position or hiring process, please contact Disability Resources.