Looking to meet with RSVP?

The Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center offers a variety of appointment types.

Steps to follow

  1. Please review the appointment descriptions
  2. Identify which appointment matches your needs
  3. Make your appointment
  4. Email the RSVP Center or call 314-935-3445
  5. RSVP staff will contact you based on the appointment type you requested

Consent Form

For counseling appointments, please fill out the consent form.

Brief appointment focused on addressing immediate safety concerns

If you are an IMMEDIATE RISK of harm to yourself/others or you have taken steps to harm yourself. If you are unable to care for yourself or unable to control yourself emotionally If you are experiencing intense fear, anxiety, etc. that is both overwhelming AND you have been unable to cope. We will schedule you to see a therapist as soon as possible to focus on immediate concerns.

Brief appointment focused on current crisis concerns

If you have thoughts of harm that cause you to be concerned for your safety but are NOT IN IMMEDIATE RISK of harming yourself/others and HAVE NOT TAKEN ACTION to harm yourself. If you in crisis that necessitates timely response by a therapist due to its severity. We will schedule you to be seen quickly (usually same day) to focus on immediate concerns.

Appointment not requiring immediate reaction

If you are looking to address concerns or problem that you believe have developed as a result of experiencing relationship and sexual violence AND your concerns do not require immediate reaction or result in an immediate state of crisis. We will schedule you for a new appointment based upon counselor availability and your own schedule within the next two weeks.

Short appointment for specific questions or concerns

A consultation provides you with the opportunity to get answers to specific questions or discuss any concerns related to your own experience, or experience of a friend or family member. These appointments also address accommodation requests that are not related to a counseling need. Accommodation requests not related to immediate housing/general safety do not qualify for emergency or crisis appointments.