Residential Life Mission and Commitments

Our Mission

We seek to provide a safe environment that encourages learning and personal growth in an inclusive community that empowers and challenges our residents. We continually strive to improve our services to meet the needs of our students and guests and reflect the high standards of Washington University in St. Louis.

Guiding Principles


  • Provide a safe, clean, comfortable, secure and supportive community
  • Offer opportunities for students to develop a sense of belonging to the campus and residential community
  • Guide students in developing healthy social relationships
  • Promote mutual concern, empathy and respect
  • Practice the moral and legal rights to free thought, speech and opinion


  • Cultivate an environment that facilitates personal and intellectual growth and development
  • Create a seamless living and learning environment
  • Engage in discussions grounded in issues of diversity and social justice
  • Foster collaborative learning among students, staff and faculty
  • Encourage students to develop meaningful relationships with faculty


  • Engage in opportunities for student involvement and leadership
  • Ensure that intentionality is the driving force behind the creation of the physical environment of our residential communities
  • Develop creative initiatives to promote student success
  • Evaluate existing practices on a regular basis to remain a leader in all aspects of university housing
  • Promote an environment where staff role model our commonly held principles in the conduct of our duties
  • Encourage and expect students to act as responsible citizens

Goals for All Residential Areas

  • Promote a strong sense of community among students living in the area
  • Develop residential areas that promote students’ learning and personal development
  • Foster meaningful interactions that blend within and beyond the formal classroom setting
  • Encourage traditions, customs, and rituals that are unique to each area

Residential Life Diversity Statement

Washington University in St. Louis is a community of diverse people brought together in the common pursuits of education, personal growth and community development. Residential Life is committed to supporting and nurturing diversity through recognizing these shared endeavors and the uniqueness that each student, faculty and staff member brings to them. Through the similarities and differences we find in our race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, ability, religion, and national origin, we believe that our campus provides rich and unique opportunities to learn from one another. We believe that our diversity enriches and empowers the lives of us all.

Our mission is to provide a supportive, educational and self-exploratory campus environment through residential living at Washington University. Freedom of thought and mutual respect are viewed as cornerstones of this mission; therefore, acts of oppression, discrimination, abuse, harassment and/or hatred will not be tolerated or ignored. Everyone who chooses to live in or visit our residential colleges must understand that we will not allow any form of bigotry, whether verbal or written, physical or psychological, direct or implied. Any attempt to oppress any individual or group is a threat to everyone in the community. Such behavior will be addressed with the understanding that education is always our primary goal.

Sustainability Commitment by the Office of Residential Life

Recognizing the ethical obligation of individuals and the university to reduce their environmental footprint, Residential Life regularly reviews existing housing practices and implements changes to maximize efficiency and minimize resources. Residential Life works closely with Facilities Planning and Management and Campus Sustainability to ensure our office procedures and student services are as sustainable as possible.

Residential Life understands that to truly make an impact, our students must be active members and leaders in our sustainability movement. Throughout the year, our “Green Team” and RAs will provide opportunities for discussion, education, and competitions to encourage all community members to think “green.”

For more information on sustainability on campus and in Residential Life, and for tips on being green on campus, please visit Sustainability.