Maya Gregory

Maya Gregory and Owen

In an unexpected way, the pandemic led Maya Gregory to an opportunity she might have otherwise missed. While employed at another campus job, she learned that office’s staff would not be working in person during the fall 2020 semester. Maya found an opening in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs for a student assistant to help maintain an on-campus presence, handle calls, mail and other duties. “The department coordinator got in touch with me and viola!” she says.

As part of her work, Maya has been supporting the re-opening of the Student Affairs main office, especially as new Vice Chancellor Anna Gonzalez has taken the helm. Her work now includes organizing, printing and other projects plus welcoming guests to the suite. Maya says, “I really love working in the OVCSA. Everyone is always so friendly and upbeat. I also love organizing and helping with office tasks like that, so it’s the perfect job for me!”

As a pre-Law student with plans to attend law school, Maya says that working in Student Affairs has been valuable for gaining experience “in a real job in a real office,” developing life and career skills. She also mentions that working on campus provides her with references and connections to the WashU community, along with an opportunity to save some money. That’s thinking ahead in a lawyerly way.

As more preparation for her future career, Maya also has an internship with the Missouri State Public Defender System. “One of my main areas of interest is the criminal legal system, specifically racial inequality within our legal process,” she says.

When she’s not busy with work and school, Maya spends time with Owen, her Goldendoodle, hangs out with friends or enjoys her favorite spots in St. Louis. She’s also a lover of hiking and camping and as a St. Louis native, can likely share her best outdoor destinations. As pandemic restrictions ease, Maya can get back to more of what she loves, having added a new job she loves to the mix.