Nash Overfield, FGLI Student

“There is a lack of understanding and ability to relate to people who come from a place of scarcity because they’ve never experienced it.”

Yael Rojo, Taylor STAR

“There’s a work ethic that’s been instilled in me that is rooted in a place of disadvantage. So, me and my brothers, we’ve been taught to work hard.”

Lojain Elkhidir, Peer Health Educator

Elkhirir Lojain

“There definitely can be a stigma when it comes to talking about mental health issues. Part of being a Peer Health Educator is having these conversations.”

Emilio Parra-Garcia

Emilio Parra-Garcia grew up in a home where academic conversations were commonplace chats over the dinner table. From discussions about public health policy to nonprofit work, Parra-Garcia has always known […]

Yoana Zamora Miranda

As a first-generation student who immigrated to the United States at the age of 7, Yoana Zamora Miranda is doing something no one else in her family has done – […]

Beth Ann Young

Beth Ann Young

Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, Beth Ann knew moving far from home would be a difficult decision. WashU quickly became her home away from home.

WashU Center for Career Engagement

College life is so all-encompassing that you may not be thinking about what happens next. The Center for Career Engagement can help with that!