New International Graduate Student Status Form

This form is required of all new international graduate students. Please complete as soon as possible after admission to WashU, as the I-20/DS-2019 cannot be processed without it.

OISS: New Graduate Student Status Form
Have you studied or worked at Washington University before? *
U.S. Local Address * (This field is required if you have selected "I'm an F-1 student" or "I'm in F-1 status, and am on OPT.")
<b>U.S. Local Address *</b> (This field is required if you have selected "I'm an F-1 student" or "I'm in F-1 status, and am on OPT.")

I will need a transfer of my F-1 record in SEVIS

Inform the international student office at your current school of your intent to transfer as soon as possible. Be prepared to tell them that you are transferring to Washington University in St. Louis and give them the date of the transfer. There are deadlines after which you will not be able to carry out a regular transfer procedure and you will risk falling out of legal status. Your current school can tell you when this information must be entered into SEVIS. Be sure you provide the appropriate SEVIS code, as there are two campuses:
  1. Graduate students enrolling in one of the following medical programs use school code KAN214F10196001: Audiology and Communication Sciences; Biostatistics; MD Program; Medical Sciences Training Program; Movement Science; Occupational Therapy; Physical Therapy; Population Health Sciences; Rehabilitation and Participation Science; Speech or Hearing Sciences
  2. Undergraduate and graduate students enrolling in any other program, use school code KAN214F10196000.
Please note that your release date can be no later than 60 days after the end date of your program or, if you are on OPT, the end date of your OPT authorization. It is ideal if the release date is input in advance of the release date. In that way we can be ready to work on issuing your I-20 on or soon after the release date. Otherwise, if your release date is input on the date of the release, delays are possible.

I am not currently on an F-1 visa status. I am in the U.S. on another visa status.

Please note you CANNOT study in the U.S. on a B1/B2 status nor while a change of status application is pending from B1/B2 to F-1. Studying while a change of status application is pending is only feasible if you are changing from a J-2 or H-4 to an F-1. Please consult with OISS as early as possible if you are on any other visa statuses and are not planning to leave the U.S. in order to reenter as an F-1.
When planning your travel, please remember that you cannot enter as an F-1 more than 30 days before the program start date on your I-20.
Please note that you are responsible for submitting the change of status (COS) application in a timely manner. You may consult an immigration attorney or file on your own. To discuss the COS process, please contact our office.