Lunar New Year Festival

Lunar New Year Festival is an annual, student-run production celebrating East Asian culture and the start of the new lunar new year. In addition to a skit centering around Asian-American social issues, LNYF includes dance and performance acts like Chinese Fan, Lion Dance, and Chinese Yoyo. Fundraising from from the show is donated to a philanthropic cause.

About Lunar New Year Festival

The show, which is performed three times over two days at Edison Theatre in the Mallinckrodt Center on WashU’s campus, is a completely student-run production involving students from various cultural groups on campus. At the same time, it allows WashU students to engage with multiple St. Louis communities by exploring Asian heritage from a traditional as well as a modern perspective.

Through exciting performances ranging from acting to dancing to martial arts, people of all backgrounds can enjoy and celebrate the Lunar New Year together at WashU. While LNYF makes its mark through the final production showcasing various facets of Asian culture, it hopes to make its mark as more than just another campus cultural show. LNYF seeks to leave a prolonged impact upon its viewers through our skit and philanthropy. In the skit, we seek to acknowledge and address important issues to the Asian American community that not only affect Asian Americans, but all people across the globe. Additionally, each year, LNYF chooses a different philanthropy to support to not only impact the WashU community, but the St. Louis community as well. This year we have chosen the philanthropy Kingdom House.

For more information check out LNYF.